What equipment, accessories and furniture do people buy to put around their pools?

Discover Aqua Magazine's annual study about additional equipment and accessories most frequently sold with swimming pools.

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In May 2019, Aqua Magazine published the results of its annual study polling pool and spa market manufacturers. The survey particularly addressed the additional equipment and accessories most frequently sold with swimming pools. The results give invaluable indications on how pool and spa professionals can boost sales!


1. Decorative flames (58%)

Braziers, campfires, outdoor fireplaces… These fashionable accessories contrast with the water in pools when night falls. 58% of the manufacturers polled said they had sold this kind of furniture when building pools. So these pool accessories are important for generating extra business! 

2. Outdoor kitchens (49%)

Pools are now considered as friendly rooms where the family meets up for good meals, so it is hardly surprising that demand for kitchens near pools featuring work surfaces, sinks and cupboards is increasing.

3. Outdoor cooking equipment (38%)

A less expensive alternative to outdoor kitchens which has always been popular. To make pool days successful, griddles, barbecues and planchas are always in demand!

4. Stroke spas (38%)

These pools combine the pleasures of relaxation with sport thanks to a counter-current system. A good compromise for customers looking to vary their fun! Check out our dedicated article for more information on the pool and spa combinations available.

5. Structures for shade (37%)

Pool houses, parasols, gazebos… All are designed to protect swimmers from heat waves – and bad weather! And there are a host of ideas for pool furniture and houses. Check out these 5 pool house designs, all different and ideal.

6. Portable spas and Jacuzzis (37%)

Sometimes inflatable, these above-ground structures are easy to install and dismantle. Located near pools, spas and jacuzzis they provide extra sources of relaxation and are usually cheaper than stroke spas which are often in-ground.

7. Lighting systems (36%)

Both in (LED lights, for example) and outside pools (in the form of torches, solar lamps, etc.), lighting pool accessories contribute to the creation of an atmosphere enhancing conviviality, partying – and safety!

8. Outdoor furniture (18%)

Traditional, design, modern or rustic outdoor furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. Deckchairs, tables, swing chairs, hammocks and other elements of garden furniture follow the trends and manufacturers produce annual collections for pool and outdoor professionals. “Must” furniture for pool showroom displays!

9. Sound systems (16%)

Pool parties are all the rage! Good sound systems are essential for people who want to dance until dawn. Waterproof systems let you play all the pops without the risk of electrocution. In this way, pool professionals prevent unfortunate accidents.

10. Saunas (14%)

Relaxing and detoxifying traditional steam or infrared cabin saunas are very popular. To check out how to sell a sauna to your customers, we list the 11 decision factors consumers use when buying.

11. Monitoring cameras (7%)

Last but not least, monitoring cameras reinforce pool safety. If demand from private owners is still relatively low, the introduction of remote-control systems and “smart” pools facilitate surveillance and could accelerate this market!

These pool accessories, equipment and furniture add sales when installing pools. Check out our article on customer expectations to understand the products pool and spa professionals should feature!

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