Underwater musical massage®, a new spa trend for all specialized establishments!

Enrich the range of your wellness services by introducing a spa innovation: the underwater musical massage.

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Water brings relief to mankind and “music hath charms to soothe a savage breast”, so imagine a symbiosis between them! Noël Canivenq, creator of the Aquamusique company specializes in underwater musical massage®. He gave a talk at Piscine Global Europe 2018 in which he evoked the many benefits of this innovation for spas. A great way to enrich the range of wellness services provided by spa establishments!


The origins of underwater musical massage®

In 1980 composer François Louche used his know-how to carry out research in marine acoustics. His musical compositions were played to marine mammals in the oceanographic museum in Vancouver. In 1986, François Louche decided to adapt his work to mankind - a technique Noël Canivenq, creator of the underwater musical massage®, took as his starting point in 2007.

Musical massage develops a totally new perception of music, called amniotympanic listening. As 65% of the human body is on average made up of water, the symbiosis which is implemented during a massage simultaneously acts by on the human body by amplified sound stimulation and acoustic vibration.

The therapeutic actions of underwater musical massage®

This new type of massage has many virtues and dissipates physiological and psychological stresses. This innovation for spas thus fits completely into the wellness trend adopted by more and more people.

Underwater musical massage®, the therapeutic benefits of which have been proven scientifically, acts in the following ways:

  • Water at the human body temperature coupled with immersion, lying down in weightlessness, induces a pre-sleep condition in which the body and the mind are completely relaxed (a state also obtained by the technique of sensory deprivation).
  • Listening to music creates a diversion which helps muscles to relax.
  • The musical effect is amplified by underwater loudspeakers, the membranes of which act like a tympanum and, by vibration, transmit the sound waves to the liquids in the cochlea of the inner ear. Listening is thus amplified by tympanic osseous conduction.
  • Lastly, the vibrations generated by underwater music interact directly with the water contained in the human body, to provide a total massage.

The many benefits of this massage, associated with an innovative and intriguing setting, can help private establishments build sales and stand out from competition!

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How to market this new spa trend in a wellness center?

Have a suitable pool

Sporting pools and pools equipped with jets are not suitable. To make this wellness service profitable, pools in establishments wanting to propose underwater musical massages® must not be very deep (1.20 m) and be big enough for several people at the same time. The ideal water temperature (36°C) will require specific treatment tracking.

Invest in the right sound equipment 

Several mobile or embedded underwater loudspeaker systems exist. Usually, pools providing this kind of wellness service have two loudspeakers and a power amplifier – and some have 4. The idea is to find the right combination to maximize sound emission, without distorting the recorded music! Loudspeakers can be connected to any Bluetooth device so as to permit participants to choose their own music. Ideally, the music track should not be compressed.

Some accessories in which to invest…

Participants can remain on the surface of the water on a specific mat or immerse themselves completely using a mask and tuba – which will increase the benefits of the massage! And for people who suffer from otitis following prolonged immersion in water, you can provide ear plugs.

This underwater musical massage® technique has already been adopted in big establishments, like the luxurious Vichy Célestins thermal spa in France. To remain competitive as the wellness offer becomes increasingly more prolific, you should also check out 5 spa innovations, as well as clever ideas of spa trends which transform the furniture of daily life!

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