5 landscaping and furniture ideas to cool outdoor pool surroundings

During heat waves, several furnitures and landscaping ideas can help outdoor pool users to enjoy pool surroundings!


Heat waves transform pools into refuges for many owners and customers. But although splashing in the water provides temporary relief, outdoor poolside exposed to the scorching sun can become intolerable and mean people leave quickly! Here are some outdoor poolside landscaping and furniture tips to promote so your customers can enjoy their pool even in heat waves.


Plants, plants and plants!

Surround pools with trees, shrubs and decorative plants not only for shade but also to make the most of their breathing. Plants take in heat and release steam which cools the air. A single tree can evaporate up to 450 liters of water, i.e. the equivalent of five air-conditioners (1)!

But take care! Not all plants are suitable for poolside landscaping. Between persistent varieties resistant to chlorine or a Mediterranean climate, check out the best poolside plants to use in our dedicated article.

Install humidifiers

To supplement the action of the vegetation, humidifying accessories and outdoor pool furniture largely contribute to keeping the temperature bearable during the summer.

In addition to the traditional and perennially fashionable fans, misters and outdoor showers, pool professionals can also use decorative items, for example garden fountains, such as the connected pots from Piscine Global Europe 2018 exhibitor Aquashi.

Choose special poolside paving

Poolside paving comes in a wide range of colors and types of material. Clear colors stay cooler as they reflect the sun’s rays better and are already very popular (but can dazzle) but choosing the materials from which they are made needs some thought.

Wood and composite wood (with ventilation slats) are good for walking around barefoot without risks of burns. Natural stone (like travertine) or reconstituted stone (as sold by our exhibitor Carobbio) are also good options. Many poolside beaches are made from concrete but they tend to retain heat - although it is possible to reduce this problem by applying a specific non-slip top coating.

Systematically propose structures providing shade 

Poolside shade and pool furniture are some of the most popular options asked for when customers decide to install outdoor pools (see our article about bestselling equipment). Many solutions exist to protect pool users from the heat: 

  • a shelter, like a pool house ;
  • a lighter structure, like net curtains or a gazebo ;
  • or outdoor pool furniture like parasols.

Visitors to Piscine Global Europe 2018 saw many kinds of pool products including sun loungers with built in parasols by our exhibitor Poolstar, or Infinity Swimspas with shades. The design of these pool products also helps to create a stunning atmosphere!

Choose suitable outdoor pool furniture items

Last but not least, furniture for outdoor pools must be chosen with care. Avoid metal and prioritize man-made fibers (like acrylic), hard woods (like teak), braided resin (like the furniture presented by Hémisphère Editions) and cane (which is, however, sensitive to UVs and rain).

Poolside landscaping and furniture for outdoor pools, adapted to an increasingly hot climate, meet a real need and create additional sales for builders and manufacturers both during renovation works (such as pool staging) or when building new pools!

(1) Geo: Contre les îlots de chaleur, Paris offre des arbres à ses habitants (French)

© Photo credit: Giovanni Cancemi / stock.adobe.com


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