Advertising and promoting a new water park opening: Rulantica’s marketing strategy

Rulantica brilliantly uses every digital opportunity to weave a consistent marketing strategy. An inspiration for all water parks owners!

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Long awaited, Rulantica, the water park extension to the famous German amusement park Europa-Park, will open on November 28, 2019. Due to great marketing strategy, this new water park, which costs a colossal 180 million euros (1), has been a major media topic for a long time before the first member of the public sets foot in it. Since the success of the opening of a water park relies heavily on communications, we take a close look at what Rulantica did!

When storytelling creates a myth

Is storytelling a “must” marketing argument? Yes, according to the European Waterpark Association, which identified and shared trends for water parks construction at Piscine Global Europe 2018. Rulantica has applied this advice brilliantly by creating an innovative concept with a very strong identity, based on Scandinavian myths. A major factor in attracting future customers looking to explore this universe when the water park opens.

To deploy this identity effectively, Europa-Park’s online shop already sells goodies like cuddly toys, tee-shirts and mugs to market Rulantica magic and Rulantica has its own book detailing the fictitious water park theme.

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Huge resources to back Web communications to the general public 

All marketing strategy experts agree that the Web is the best way to hit on people interested in water parks. However, the possibilities are vast and only big budget structures can occupy all the channels effectively! A digital marketing strategy requires a lot of thought upstream to define the spend. Rulantica already has the human resources tested at Europa-Park, enabling it to be massively present and thus broadcast a cross-channel campaign.

Traditional communication networks…

Newsletter, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), website and blog are the key strengths of Rulantica. Tests on 360° slides, concept arts, polls and news on how the works are proceeding get broad coverage in these media to build and consolidate the image of the water park and heighten the public’s awareness, expectations and curiosity

… And other more original initiatives!

As a further inducement, Rulantica created a browser game to herald the opening of the water park. This immersive and playful experience visits all the zones of the future park and explains the themes drawn from Scandinavian folklore. Although expensive, this kind of marketing builds the magical aspects of the water park and creates an emotional bond with the public!

Also, videos are very important in Rulantica’s communication strategy, mixing real views with 3D animations.


Use what already exists!

Any good marketing strategy is also based on what already exists. Thanks to Europa-Park, Rulantica exists in the collective imagination even before it opens due to through three factors:

  • The Rulantica musical launched at Europa-Park from May to October 2019, free for all Europa-Park ticket holders.
  • The Preview Center featuring artworks, illustrations and models of the new water park.
  • The Krønasår 4-star hotel at Rulantica that opened early so customers can follow the construction of the future water park as it happens.

Rulantica brilliantly uses every digital opportunity to weave a consistent marketing strategy consolidated by what already exists. A win/win solution for this water park which expects to host 5,000 visitors a day as from November 2019, creating 300 jobs! Are you planning a new water park construction? Here are 6 ways to get yourself known!

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(1) Corporate Europa-Park: “Rulantica – the new Water World at Europa-Park”

© Crédit photo : Rulantica - Europa Park

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