Read this guide before building a water park!

To help you with your water park project, read a selection of our articles about water park's design and market.

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You’re thinking about building a water park and are about to take the plunge? Before starting work, review the latest trends in this sector, check what your clients expect, find ways to stand out from the competition – and discover how to promote and advertise the opening of your new water park! To help you with your project, see below a selection of our articles about water park's design and market.

Which niche markets can you exploit when designing your water park?

The European Waterpark Association has identified the latest trends in water park building - the way to go for new projects. What is true mostly everywhere is that:

  • investments are higher; 
  • storytelling is used massively;
  • the health segment is growing fast;
  • and wellbeing is a “must” attraction.

To attract customers, each new water park projects must feature all these trends!

Find out the 4 top trends to follow 

What do users look for in modern water parks?

Targeting children, young adults and the elderly in the same water park demands agility as each group wants something different! What functions best for each one of these targets? What do you have to do to make sure they come in the first place – and return? This article will help you avoid the main pitfalls when creating your water park!

Getting to know your customers

6 ways to make your water park more distinctive 

To meet rising demand, more and more water parks are being built, so to attract business it’s vital to be different from your competitors! Fortunately, as Klaus Batz, European Waterpark Association Chief CEO explained at Piscine Global Europe 2018: “It’s not a question of investing a lot of money, it’s a question of investing brainpower in good ideas.”

Check out the details of our 6 tips for success

Advertising and promoting a new water park: 
Rulantica’s marketing strategy

Telling people that you are building a water park is essential, so make sure to stimulate curiosity and create links with your public from the outset. To do this, you must include an upstream communication strategy in your water park project! Don’t improvise when you have already laid the last stone.

To illustrate the tactics and positive fallout on the build-up to your opening, we review here the marketing strategy of one of the biggest water parks in Europe - Rulantica, planned to open at the end of 2019.

Read our article on Rulantica's marketing strategy

Designing and building a water park is an art! To get off on the right foot, get help from sector professionals like the European Waterpark Association (EWA) and as we often discuss water park themes, subscribe to our social networks!

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