Investing in outdoor water games can be profitable: discover 6 key factors!

Outdoor water games solve problems met by both public authorities and private communities!

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Water games solve problems met by both public authorities and private communities and take many forms - from the creation of water playgrounds to communication tools and landscaping! Several exhibitors at Piscine Global Europe are experts on the subject and we list below the reasons for investing in them.

1. As substitutes for public swimming pools 

Despite the real benefits of public swimming pools and local demand, many communities do not yet have them. If the cost or lack of a site rule out the construction of a public swimming pool, water games can provide a solution. Water games also relieve overcrowding in existing pools, particularly during heat waves! Several manufacturers, like Aqua Drolics, offer thematic water playgrounds the attractiveness of which rival pools!

2. A powerful selling tool 

Creating a water playground in a tourist center both attracts clients and contributes to keeping them on site, generating more sales opportunities for the services on offer! Water games are an asset for campsites and hotels as they improve occupancy rates and average per night spends. Fun and Water parks are also major buyers: Polin Waterparks believes that water games increase park revenues from 10 to 20%!

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3. Less damage to public facilities

Every summer, “street pooling” - the unlawful opening of fire hydrants - means fire fighters have to intervene and can create a wide range of accidents, from electrocution to the flooding of underground zones. Regularly a target for these incivilities, the French city of Soissons installed two water games playgrounds (1). Water games also make it possible to reduce the health and safety risks due to bathing in public fountains

4. Landscape enhancement

Water games can transform spaces like gardens, public parks, squares, lakes, etc. A good example is water tunnels which provide cooling walks under fountains spraying down from both sides of bridges. People also enjoy musical and/or lit fountains. 

5. The creation of new events

Water games open new horizons, either by extending events that already exist or by creating something new. Communities can thus promote social bonding through games and sharing. Aquatic mazes, “jumping jets” and water sprays, like those sold by Synergy Waterpark Rides, are all opportunities for adults and children to have fun in dedicated water playgrounds – which also cool the surroundings!

6. Innovative communication and marketing media 

Last but not least, water games can also be used as screens on which to project films, images, useful information and advertising - a technique already used in many shows, as well as in shopping malls and downtown areas. Another process called “aqua graphics” carves water with electromagnetic sluices to display texts, logos and shapes to order.

Water games astonish and amuse as well as effectively cooling the surroundings. Easy to install, they can be associated with pools to transform them and make swimming even more fun, existing as a stand-alone water playground or be added into facilities that already exist.

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(1) Soissons city: Pour l’été : des jeux d’eau à Presles et à Chevreux

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