Discover mobile swimming pools, an innovation to help public authorities take the plunge!

AQWA ITINERIS designed a unique mobile pool which allows everyone to get access to swimming lessons and balneotherapy.

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Although the general public now has access to swimming pools in most regions, many public authorities cannot afford them and so people have to forego the benefits water brings. But that's no longer a problem! Since 2018, AQWA ITINERIS has an innovative solution : mobile pools on trucks which provide everyone with the opportunity to swim and make the most of balneotherapy!

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Teach people to swim – and treat them too!

It is difficult to teach people to swim without a pool! The lack of public pools and equipment is a major blockage in providing swimming lessons in both industrialized and emerging nations. For example, 35% of all children cannot get lessons in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. This is why AQWA ITINERIS has invented the itinerant swimming school in which 800 kids learn to swim and make the most of the many benefits of this all-round sport every year. Ten children can be taught simultaneously!

Itinerant swimming pools also facilitate access to balneotherapy in medico-social centers. Equipped with a lift, a patient lift and a locker room designed for the handicapped, everyone is able to move around in safety. Hospitals and physio centers can organize aquagym for their patients as well as those suffering pains or debilitating diseases like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Savings through shared purchasing

One of the good ideas about this innovative swimming pool is the possibility of sharing the cost between members of an association of local authorities and running it as needed. Easily parked on a carpark or common land, mobile swimming pools come directly to users and do not require any particular authorization to drive on roads.

Overheads are low as they produce their own power – an ideal solution for public authorities without swimming pools! Currently this Swiss innovation can be rented but will soon be on sale to interested groups inside and outside the country – and could even be subsidized by the French government.

A mobile swimming pool just like a big one!

This mobile swimming pool on a standard semitrailer comprises the pool, a cloakroom and a technical room. The pool is 8 m long and 2 m wide and features an adjustable floor with a travel of 0 to 1.2 m to adapt to every kind of session proposed.

Technically, pool trucks are hassle-free for public authorities wanting to acquire one. They come fitted with all the equipment needed to guarantee good performance, including:

  • an air and water heating system (28°C to 30°C);
  • a retractable staircase for access to the cloakrooms;
  • a lift for access by the handicapped;
  • a maintenance material storeroom;
  • teaching equipment;
  • a defibrillator and other first-aid equipment.

For one-off events, why not use a Mobipool floating pool!

Mobile swimming pools are an interesting innovation for public authorities lacking public pools interested in providing their constituents with the multidisciplinary benefits of water. Committed to making pools available for all, AQWA ITINERIS also designs mobile swimming pools made to measure!

© Photos credits: AQWA ITINERIS - JF Buisson

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