Pool architects gone wild: 5 pools with amazing designs to discover!

Pool designs are limitless and prove the creativity of architects and designers! Discover 5 zaniest pools in the world.

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Pool designs are limitless! Built for rich individuals or prestigious institutions, these amazing pools prove that the creativity of architects, designers and manufacturers is flourishing! Inscriptions for the 2020 Pool Design Awards contest have just opened and so we are reviewing the zaniest pools… and eagerly await your own creations!

The breathtaking Roman indoor pool of the Hearst Castle

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One swimming pool to rule them all

Austin Shepherd (USA), a Hobbit fan, the famous Tolkien novel, asked pool designer and manufacturer David Owens to recreate a miniature Shire in his garden.

The surprising result skillfully includes the pool in its surroundings together with a host of games featuring a stylized bridge, a slide, a climbing rope and an original brazier inspired directly by the One Ring. The technical local housing the optic fiber lighting control system is hidden in a small hobbit house!

A pool in tune with its owner’s personality

Private pool designs often reflect their owners’ characters. For this music buff, pool architect Cipriano made a brilliant in-depth copy of a Stradivarius violin made in the 1700s.

The violin body is formed by two koi ponds, the strings by 5,760 optical fiber lights and the chinrest houses a spa for 12 people. In this amazing pool swimming becomes an obsession!

The Birth of Venus

Dive into a painting by Botticelli! Both an indoor and outdoor pool, called the “Shell Pool” by its manufacturer Platinum Pool Care, it was designed to host the owner’s grandchildren in highly artistic and spellbinding surroundings.

Indoors the pool is minimalist but outdoors it abounds with details, combining waterfalls, a spa, sculptures, fountains, etc. The indoor pool, overhung by a dramatic fresco, is connected to the outdoor pool by an airlock decorated with a gigantic 4-meter glass fiber clam shell. All in all, it took 1,800 workdays to build this stunning design!

Speech is silver but diving is gold

A direct view over the Himalayas may not be enough to attract prestigious customers! At least this is what the 5-star St Regis Hotel in Lhasa (Tibet) believes. It provides guests with relaxing moments in a copy of a Tibetan monastery.

The astonishing color of the Gold Energy Pool, resulting from thousands of square tiles garnished with 24 karat gold leaves immediately attracts attention! This therapeutic salt water pool is heated between 28 to 32°C - an ideal temperature for relaxation, prolonged in the adjacent massage room. 

The most select pool in the world

The Hearst castle (California) is the most private swimming club in the world! It only opens its two amazing pools 4 times a year, for clients ready to spend $1,500 for the privilege. 

Finished in 1936 after 12 years of works by architect Julia Morgan, the club features the famous Neptune Outdoor Pool and a more secluded indoor pool designed in the spirit of the baths of ancient Rome. The indoor pool is covered of more than one million smalti – Murano glass tiles – some of which are coated with 22 karat gold leaves. Eight statues of Roman gods, goddesses and heroes overlook swimmers in the indoor pool for a unique journey back in time. A truly amazing pool which has hosted Charlie Chaplin and Howard Hughes!

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If you are a pool architect, designer or manufacturer and have a remarkable design you would like to show to the pool industry, you should register for the Pool Design Awards now!

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© Photo credit: Nishithdesai [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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