Flashback on Piscine Global Europe's team highlights!

With humor and emotion, our team members relate their personal relationships with pools and the Piscine Global Europe exhibition.

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Our team never stops working in the wings of the biannual Piscine Global Europe swimming pool show to bring you unique moments. As the New Year begins we bring you video interviews of these talented, enthusiastic people! With humor and emotion they relate their personal relationships with pools and the Piscine Global Europe exhibition.

Alexandra Moncorgé — Sales manager

Alexandra manages Sales for the exhibition. Her constant quest is to give visitors the suppliers they want and need! With her Lyon based sales team and through our international agents she carries out this painstaking task all over the world.

And she has a favorite pool - “"Marina Bay Sands” in Singapore, the highest pool in the world. An incredible technical prowess as it is installed on three different buildings in an area prone to earthquakes!”

Pierre Garcin — Account manager

An expert on the North-American swimming pool market, Pierre sells the exhibition stands, working closely with our international agent in Great Britain. He particularly admires the creativity of the exhibitors who manage to build colossal stands extremely quickly!

What does he like the most about the pool sector? “It’s a niche market where everyone knows everyone else. And although we’re all here to work, the atmosphere is always friendly – like being a member of a family!”

Francoise Vétard — Account manager

Specializing in equipment for public pools, Francoise focuses on this sector for Piscine Global Europe. Her mission is to find out what the public wants, determine the products which meet their needs and get the suppliers of these products to exhibit at our swimming pool exhibition.

What does she like most about swimming pools? “The possibility to swim all year round in Nordic pools. Even in the middle of winter you can swim in the Tony Bertrand water sports center on the banks of the river Rhône in Lyon. And as you follow the river it’s just like swimming in nature!”

Clément Petit — Account manager

The latest to join our team is our wellness expert. Like several of his colleagues, Clément also deals with developing exhibitor loyalty.

What is his fondest pool souvenir? “I was finishing my studies for my Master’s degree in California. I went to a pool party with friends in a hotel near Las Vegas. It was quite simply incredible to have fun in water in the middle of a desert. The absolute top in gracious living!”

Marie Perrat — Digital communications manager

You’ve already read her texts without knowing it! Marie is our specialist in new information and communication technologies! She uses her skills to give you a useful and user-friendly website to consult and excels in the art of uniting the Piscine Global Europe community via the social networks.

What is the pool of her dreams? “For me, it is the Rhone river pool, both because of my attachment to the City and because it is the most beautiful view of Lyon. You can swim and relax with a splendid view of Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, especially as the sun sets!”

Florence Mompo — Piscine Global Europe director

Multi-capped, Florence evolves in all the show universes at the same time! Project manager, show developer, sales, marketing… Like the conductor of an orchestra she has a God’s Eye view of the event and coordinates all the different services to ensure our swimming pool show meets all your expectations!

What is her best pool memory? “It was one evening at the river Rhone swimming pool building site. During the show we invited project participants to join us there. It was a great time and a unique experience to have a party on a site being rebuilt! And it was very interesting to go backstage – something we never often get a chance to see!”

Our international agents are there too!

To make Piscine Global Europe a truly international swimming pool show and reflect local interests, we have our local area representatives in the field who relay market data for their geographical sectors.

Betty Morido – Spain and Portugal

With her team, Betty’s job is to promote participation from Spain and Portugal. She observes the market, accompanies her exhibitors and identifies show purchasers/visitors.

What impresses her most about the swimming pool sector is its buoyancy which leads to a great brand image for every country and particularly for Spain. “In 1998, Piscine Global Europe had five Spanish exhibitors. 20 years later, in 2018, there were 51!”

For Betty, pools are “musts”. “I am lucky enough to have a pool at home. So many happy times. Partying at weekends with my family and friends… and especially swimming alone watching the sun set!”

Elizabeth Niehaus – Germany, Austria and Switzerland


From her office at TradeQ Trade Fairs & Events in Düsseldorf, Elizabeth promotes Piscine Global Europe to pool and spa professionals in three countries. Wellbeing and fun sales are booming and what impresses her most is that professionals in her area share this enthusiasm!

For her, gracious living means to make the most of all the small pleasures in life! “One of my best swimming pool memories was playing with my dogs in a pool when I was little – even if in theory it was totally forbidden!“

Ismail Sezen — Turkey

Ismail’s expertise lies in organizing shows. The founder of ISTexpo Trade Exhibitions, he knows how to talk to exhibitors and convince them to come. Even if he has other centers of interest, the pool sector has always been important in his career. 

He is constantly amazed by the extremely wide spectrum of products for pools. “From plastic to glass, from chemistry to machinery, from ceramics to wood… I would never have imagined that an industry could be so varied!”

If for him a swimming pool was originally just a well-designed hole in the ground filled with water, his perception of the sector changed completely at his first visit to Piscine Global Europe. 

“I was amazed by all these innovations. I now have a deep respect for swimming pools because I know how much hard work is needed upstream and I pay attention to the small details. Another great thing about this pool show is that it gives me an opportunity to see and explore Lyon, which has become one of my favorite cities for its incredible architecture and fantastic gastronomy!”

Pier Goffredo Ronchi — Italy

Director of P&G Exhibitions Marketing Media Pier Goffredo has devoted his talents in event organization to Piscine Global Europe since 2008. As the latest edition proves, his dedication to recruitment and marketing have led to a huge increase in the number of Italian exhibitors and visitors at the pool show.

He is particularly fascinated by the elegance of Italian products and projects which merge so easily into their surroundings, which explains why many pool manufacturers also exhibit in landscaping shows like Paysalia!

“For me, pools are part of gracious living and an important factor in wellbeing. I really enjoy working in this market! People who manufacture beautiful things are also often people with a rare elegance in their relationships with others. Over the many years I have been working with Piscine Global Europe, we have seen the emergence of a closely-united and interdependent international team with great confidence in our professionalism. A must on the road to success!” 

Qianru Zhou — China

Qianru has been working with Piscine Global Europe for over 10 years and knows the market backwards – particularly in China! She is in charge of relationships with all our Chinese exhibitors.

What she likes most about her job is “to see new small and large exhibitors’ businesses growing!”

The swimming pool sector is first and foremost a big family of enthusiasts to which we are proud to belong! Our whole team joins us in this article to wish you a great new year and hopes to see you at the next edition of Piscine Global Europe from November 17 to 20, 2020!

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© Team photo credit: Alexandre Moulard 

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