What paving stones do your customers want for their pool decking?

Flagstones and curb stones are fundamentals in pool design. Here are a few hints on the latest trends!

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Paving stones are a pool’s showcase! Flagstones and curb stones are fundamentals in pool design. Between the choice of stone, its color, shape and texture, paving also has trends to follow when creating an idyllic pool decking. What should you highlight to satisfy your customers? Here are a few hints on how to give them what they want!

Cast stone, natural stone or wood?

In recent years cast stone paving has been the real revolution. More affordable than natural stone, its popularity continues to grow. The vast choice available, optimal heat management and low carbon footprint are just some of the reasons! And it can be made to resemble not just natural stone but also wood, metal, sand and even leather!

Unique, natural stone is also making a comeback in pool surrounds for more authenticity. A great classic always much in demand is comfortable, natural-looking timber decking and in particular slats.

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Gray is a very popular paving color for modern pools

Exit, the Mediterranean style! For over ten years the current trend is to be more modern, i.e. more streamlined. What could be better than gray tones, including anthracite, for a resolutely contemporary pool terrace based on the simplicity of minerals? In addition, gray camouflages stains and imperfections more easily - a must to preserve the overall pool design.

However, another core tendency is also a demand for a “beach” look. Sand and off-white hues are much appreciated. To be even more modern, bluish and basalt gray hues are appearing. And remember that blue is the Pantone color of the year for 2020!

Bigger and bigger flagstones

Together with this passion for everything contemporary, sobriety rules: pool terrace flagstones over 60 cm long are much in demand. More and more manufacturers propose flagstones 80, 90 and even 100 cm square. Great for pool installers as laying is facilitated.

During the Mediterranean-style boom, mixing materials was high fashion but this has changed and now the trend is towards mixing formats to mark out spaces to preserve visual coherence around the pool. 

Modern textures, a fast-growing pool decking trend

In more sober designs, sharp edges and smooth non-skid surfaces are in fashion! Finishes can be slightly laminated or with raised dots. Flagstones and curbstones of character are best for more stately houses. As pool terraces are often an extension to homes, the choice of a terrace texture must, above all, reflect its environment!

Whether you are renovating (AKA pool staging) a pool decking along with the rest of the pool or designing a new swimming space, directing your clients towards sober flagstones while incorporating a little authenticity is a wise choice to meet their expectations. Once you have created the pool terrace, there is nothing more to do except for getting it ready for hot weather – an increasingly frequent phenomenon! Here are some ideas to use.

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