Wellness trends over the next few years — part 2

What emerging trends in wellness are likely to impact the pool and spa sector?

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What emerging trends in wellness are likely to impact the pool and spa sector? As a follow-up on our previous article, here are 5 other opportunities detected by the Global Wellness Institute you need to know about to anticipate the demands of your customers. Some ideas for the wellness market to provide new products and services!

Religions embrace wellness to improve the balance between body and soul 

To highlight the connection between the body and the mind, many religious communities now include wellness in their services. From Catholic Pilates courses to special training camps during Ramadan, via the Muslim YouTube fitness channels, this wellness trend mirrors an increasing need to combine spirituality with physical wellbeing

Currently 84% of the world’s population is religious and a wellness market segment to target in the coming years. In the pool and spa sector, it is easy to imagine programs mixing aquafit exercises and retreats for meditation!

Wellness sabbaticals

In addition to the body/mind balance, many people are preoccupied by the balance between their professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to disconnect completely! This is why a new kind of sabbatical, which authorizes home working, is booming to the point of being clearly identified as a wellbeing trend and a real opportunity for the wellness market. These 3 week – and sometimes even longer – retreats mean that your clients are more flexible and guarantees an environment favorable to work and relaxation too.

For thermal spas, water centers and hotels this is a great opportunity to attract new clients and guests! Some, like the Rancho Puerta spa center in Mexico, have already adapted their offer and propose to transform a room in a house into an office. This is even one of their most popular requests!

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Treating infertility

Many industrialized countries, like Japan, England and the United States have declining rates of fertility. Women become pregnant much later (over 30 in the United States), and the quality of men’s sperm is deteriorating. Consequently, infertility treatments are booming – a market growing 8.5% a year and likely to reach 36 billion Euros in 2023.

Many spas already propose gynecologically-oriented cures. Another major axis the wellness sector should explore is stress management, recognized as a reason for many of the failures of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology).

Music hath charms to sooth a savage breast – and spirit too!

Studies prove the positive effect of music on conditions like depression, anxiety, pain, and the social isolation related to autism. In general, music significantly modifies our moods and is important in our daily lives. According to Spotify, 75% of its subscribers use its services to relax and to enhance their productivity and creativity.

This wellness trend is firmly rooted and music therapy is already widely used in the wellness sector. Spas readily use Tibetan gongs and other relaxing sounds and can now make the most of the host of advances in this field, such as “binaural” sounds included, for example, in a sensory deprivation package. And, conversely, urban inhabitants will increasingly refuse to tolerate noise pollution – a great opportunity to transform your establishment into a soundproof sanctuary! 

Science is focusing on the wellness sector

Wellness aficionados now want to separate the good grain from the chaff. Tired of charlatans and supposedly miraculous remedies, they now ask for proofs and count on science to fix limits. Scientific studies and new standards will soon be introduced.

This means the wellness sector will soon start to initiate scientific research - and then develop more innovations with measurable beneficial effects, like the infrared saunas presented by several exhibitors at Piscine Global Europe 2018. And of course, companies will have to modify their advertising and promotional pitches to target a public which needs to know that wellbeing services and products have demonstrable benefits. A huge impact for the wellness market!

Now that all these wellness trends have been identified, what will the wellness sector do to introduce corresponding innovations into the market? We will keep you up to speed on the latest innovations you can adopt in your own business!

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