Press review: what does the private swimming pool industry expect to happen after lockdown?

If the lockdown has significantly slowed the global economy, experts are quite optimistic about the future of the swimming pool industry.

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Covid-19 has significantly slowed the global economy, but experts are quite optimistic about the future of the swimming pool industry. Between the fear of another lockdown and the difficulties involved in traveling for the next few years, home owners are likely to return to their gardens in force. And that decision is already impacting the pool market as several professionals have told the trade press!

Big rise in demand for pool quotes

Lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemia has led many home owners to dream of having their own pool in their garden. Particularly as to meet the new post-lockdown sanitation rules, public pools have limited the number of admissions! There has never been a greater incentive to invest in private pools.

SCP France

I have noticed that both new constructions and renovations have benefited from lockdown. Our pool specialist customers report a significant increase in quote requests in France, of course, but also in other European countries like Italy and Belgium.

L'activité piscine - 15 July 2020

Régul Électronique 

Pool business has continued to be good. We’ve been inundated with orders. And this trend has continued after lockdown ended. Better still, rumors from our customers suggest that the demand for quotes is booming with conversions into contracts for 2021 running high. End users seem to have understood that holidays abroad are somewhat compromised for several years to come and so are investing in holidays “at home”. That has to be good for the pool market and so we are optimistic for the next season 

L'activité piscine - 13 July 2020

Pool Technologie 

Our market will do much better than many others. In our business, some industrialists, shell makers and pool kit manufacturers have taken orders for delivery this season. The order books of top-of-the-range pool builders are full. Turnover is a problem but not orders.

L'activité piscine - 12 June 2020

Piscines Desjoyaux

Our web contacts were up by a factor of 10 and even 20 on last year as customers and prospects doubted their ability to leave home for holidays elsewhere in France. (...) We are already signing contracts to build pools this autumn. However this is not a new phenomenon. Long before lockdowns and the pandemic – in fact for two or three years now – the trend has been towards “cocooning” (...). But during the crisis it has grown significantly.

Piscines Desjoyaux - 7 June 2020

Uncertainties due to bureaucracy remain 

Quotes are booming in the pool industry, but getting building permits is a bottleneck. The services, affected by Covid-19, are operating very slowly and so above-ground pools are scooping the market.

Joëlle Pulinx - FPP 

Between difficulties in obtaining supplies, the legal right of employees not to come in, etc., every company does its best to work this season. Order books were full before the crisis but the problem will be to fulfill our contracts and sign new orders for the autumn in a context in which some city services stopped granting building permits until May 24th. We sincerely hope contractors had gotten organized in time.

L'activité piscine - 22 May 2020


In some countries the impossibility to determine lead times for processing building permits has led to a boom in demand for above-ground pools. Lockdown would seem to have a positive impact on demands for quotes provided that the crisis does not have too great an impact on consumer purchasing power. And what will be the effect on additional equipment sales next spring and signups for new pools this autumn? 

L'activité piscine - 19 June 2020

The pool market continues to boom, despite the tardiness of local civic services which slows down in-ground pool projects. Do you have doubts about the way to run your business in these exceptional times? Come to the next Piscine Global Europe event in Lyon, France, to meet other professionals of the pool industry… and give your order book a head start!

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