#everydaycation campaign boosts the pool and spa market in the UK

The #everydaycation innovative marketing campaign encourages owners to buy the best equipment of the pool and spa suppliers.

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During lockdown, homeowners on both sides of the Channel would have loved to have had their own pool. Knowing this, the sector’s trade associations created #everydaycation – a new digital campaign to make the most of this trend. If people have to take their vacation at home, owners need the best equipment of the pool and spa suppliers to make their dreams come true!

To counter the negative impact of lockdown, the British pool and spa industry went on the attack

Productivity continued to rise during lockdown in the United Kingdom! Although the country’s economy slowed, BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) and SPATA (Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association) trade association members met to prepare for the return to business. In June 2020 they launched a campaign targeting the general public - #everydaycation.

For this global marketing campaign, the PIP committee (Pool Industry Promotion) consulted 8 specialist agencies at the end of April and chose digital marketing specialists Speed Communications.

Surfing on the wave of homecations, the agency positioned pools and spas as the “must” equipment for the summer, successfully boosting the local market.

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A refreshingly new campaign rolled out on a host of social media 

The committee used the power of social media to deliver the message. The campaign was run on the networks consumers prefer and directed them to a very new general public website which put prospective customers in touch with pool and spa suppliers within the UK industry.

Social networks spearheaded the campaign

The “#everydaycation” hashtag is dedicated to federating a new B2C pool and spa community on three different social networks. The interest of this approach is that by motivating end users to use this hashtag, the campaign focused a trend and ensured it went viral, for example by becoming a Trending Topic on Twitter.

Featuring families and inspiring pools in attractive settings the contents shared primarily focus on pools and spas as symbols of gracious living, and gives advice and helpful hints in a relaxed, friendly way!

In addition to the BISHTA and SPATA Facebook pages, the campaign ran on an Instagram account, a Facebook page with nearly 900 followers and a Twitter account.

A bright new website

On Everydaycation.co.uk, the aim is to convince homeowners to visit either the BISHTA or the SPATA sites which list all the members supplying pools or spas. To stimulate curiosity, the site is fun to use. A test helps end users define the style of garden they prefer before encouraging them to visit the site of one or other of these associations.

Influencers at work

Creating a website and profiles on the social networks is a step in the right direction but not enough to get high visibility very quickly – which is what was needed as the Summer season had already begun – and because it usually takes several months before a new site is correctly referenced by search engines!

To speed up the penetration, the campaign used several influencers who relayed the hashtag and stressed the importance of pools and spas. Influencers included Olympic Diving Champion Jack Lagher whose publication on Facebook generated 3,500 likes and home-equity specialist TV presenter Laura Hamilton who has 97,000 subscribers on Instagram. 

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A positive impact on the pool and the spa market 

At the end of June 2020, BISHTA and SPATA director Chris Beam was interviewed in several BBC radio programs to discuss the passion for pools and spas during lockdown. A great opportunity to heighten the impact of the promotional campaign!

The press also seized on the concept, further boosting the reach of #everydaycation including the several million readers of the Sunday Telegraph and The Sun among many others.

How to use social media as a pool supplier, step by step

The rapid growth of viewing on social networks and the website dedicated to the operation are clear indicators that the #everydaycation campaign has not sunk without a trace but is flying high! We salute these trade associations for their creativity which has launched a new pool and the spa market dynamic.

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