Which lifelong learning skills are useful in the pool business?

Optimize your slack time in winter: train in transversal skills, which could make all the difference to your pool business!

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Pools and spas are traditionally summertime activities – and slow down in winter. Why not use this slack time to train in transversal skills, which could make all the difference to your pool business. Here are some examples of useful free or low-cost e-learning courses for professionals to complete in just a few hours while waiting for the next Piscine Global Europe trade show.

Make new customers with digital marketing

For the confirmed pool professionals and newcomers alike, digital marketing is essential to reach out to prospects where they are and not lose out to your competitors. These days, everyone knows how to post a status on Facebook and send an e-mail, but digital marketing requires much more than that. But with a few basics, you can accomplish miracles! 

Check out the advice from Valentin Blanchot, cofounder of Siècle Digital, who gave a conference on the Piscine Global Europe 2018. The objective was to train pool and spa professionals in the rudiments of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

How to use social media as a pool professional, step by step

Get through to your prospects vibrantly

During business meetings or when talking to assemblies, at pool trade shows or in front of a webcam, the way in which you address your audience conveys a message quite as important as the words you say. If you feel uncomfortable when proposing your services directly to a prospect or during a public presentation (live or via a screen), then why not take some time to strengthen your oral, written and bodily expressions?

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Effective sales pitches

In big companies, sales reps find new contracts but in smaller firms, it is everyone’s job – more or less effectively. Basically, you have to understand your prospect to close a sale but never underestimate the importance of Customer service nor your ability to keep your customer loyal! Fortunately, you don’t have to be a business school graduate to understand good practice in your field.

Do you find closing a deal difficult? Quite simply your pitch is not good enough! Check out this article to make it better!

Prepare sales pitches like “startuppers” do!

Structure your firm’s human resources 

Human resources are the keystone of every company - and there is always something which can be improved. Still more during the current period, which can crystallize many fears and oblige you to work without a safety net! Now is the ideal time to gain these lifelong learning skills, for example, internal communications with your personnel work well in home working and in your offices. Here are some typical training programs to improve pool and spa corporate management:

Develop your “soft skills”

As opposed to technical “hard skills”, “soft skills” concern everything to do with a person’s social skills. Currently much in demand during recruitments, they are a field where everyone can (and should) improve with lifelong learning, even those already firmly rooted in the pool business!

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To help you to steer your pool business in the right direction, the Piscine Global Europe trade show organizes a host of conferences. Advanced and “crash course” training in pools and spas, the 4-day show highlights the latest innovations and trends in the sector. So make a date from February 9th to 12th, 2021 in Lyon-Eurexpo, France!

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