Pool industry report: pool sales up 175,000 this year in France!

Pool and spa market continued to grow in France in 2020, despite two lockdowns. Find out the key figures and the prospectives.

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The second biggest swimming pool market in the world, sales of above-ground and in-ground pools continued to grow in France in the first semester of 2020. Despite a dismal year for the national economy as a whole, prospects for the second half-year are looking good for the pool industry, as the press release from the FPP (French Pool and Spa Professionals Federation) published in November 2020 shows. Here are the key figures.

Slow growth in pool and spa industry in the first half of 2020

With a sharp drop of 29% in March, first month of lockdown, pool professionals noted a fall of 19% in April, but a steady rise in May, to finish with sales 35% up in June
Pool-related sales also grew by 9% during this period.

Compared with the first half of 2019, during which the pool market broke all previous records, growth was +1.5%, even though the country was in lockdown for two whole months. Quite a performance!

Pool sales up 8.5% 

The year got off to a good start and pending orders were confirmed at the end of the first lockdown – reaching from -27% in March to +43% in June 2020. However, the number of pools sold had already increased by 23% in February, which made it possible to balance the books and achieve first half-year profits of 8.5%.

5.5% more swimming pools built in France

With lockdown, construction sites were temporarily stopped, leading to a sharp fall in pool deliveries in March 2020 (- 26%) vs. March 2019. However, the pool industry reacted rapidly and deliveries reached 41% in June 2020. Overall, the number of pools delivered rose by 5.5% vs. the first half of 2019.

What prospects for the rest of 2020?

The FFP estimates that France will have 175,000 new private swimming pools by the end of 2020, 58,000 of which will be in-ground, bringing the total number of pools to 2.9 million. During 2021, the country will probably cross the 3 million pool threshold, confirming its place as a front-runner in international pool and spa markets.

To see all the statistics for the French pool industry in 2020, download the FFP press release. You can also check out what professionals are saying about the future of the private pool market in our press review.

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