Don’t miss the 6 top sauna trends!

Sauna equipment manufacturers and dealers should all address these new trends spotted by Sauna From Finland.

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New trends are not reserved for swimming pools, they are a host of them in saunas too! During Piscine Connect 2020, the Sauna From Finland network of professionals gave a conference called “Creating the world's best sauna experience” reviewing the upcoming sauna trends in the sector.

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1. Minimalist, Scandinavian, designs

The Scandinavian art of living attracts followers in the wellbeing sector, in particular in Germany where 46% of sauna buyers want Scandinavian designs vs. 30% in Finland. Conversely, 56% of buyers in Finland prefer minimalism vs. 27% in Germany.

Prospective sauna buyers will be on the outlook for minimalist or Scandinavian designs, although there will always be a niche market for modern, luxurious, saunas and Turkish Baths.

2. Spacious, spectacular saunas

In 2021, saunas are no longer hidden away in dark corners but proudly feature in bathrooms to which they are connected through picture windows, extending the space in a resolutely modern design.

The friendly “Home Sweet Home” style is also transposed in the sauna with a relooked interior that creates cocooning surroundings.

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3. Black, blacker, blackest!

“Black is the new black!” Black is the top color featured on all sauna equipment from benches to stoves and accessories to the timber walls … The idea behind this sauna trend is to create visual unity totally harmonized with purist, streamlined designs.

4. Steam, steamier, steamiest!

Sauna fans demand thick wrap-around steam. Consequently, they use more stones and sauna tower stoves are increasingly popular.

These stoves are usually the main feature of a sauna and some manufacturers even integrate them into the benches.

5. Sauna security and safety

Users not only want saunas to be comfortable, good-looking spaces to relax in - they also want them to be safe! Thanks to home automation, saunas can now be switched on and off remotely and safety elements such as grids and access barriers are increasingly important to buyers.

In fact, these sauna equipment elements become totally relooked decorative items blending into the overall sauna design.

6. Sustainable development, an important argument

For 42% of sauna users, it is important that equipment related to this activity is designed with sustainable development in mind. New solutions are marketed to meet this demand – for example, innovations which significantly reduce particle and carbon monoxide emanations from wood-burning sauna stoves.

So better add this to the sauna purchase decision factors listed by prospects and buyers.

To ensure meeting their clients’ needs, companies looking to provide customers with a new service, sauna equipment manufacturers and dealers should all address these trends. For more on wellbeing trends, check out our article “Wellness trends over the next few years”.

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