The key steps for creating a top-ranked pool seller website

Find out how to chose the best keywords for your pool website and what are the essential pages you have to think about.

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During Piscine Connect 2020, our press partner gave a web conference discussing the boom in on-line sales. Small pool and spa companies not having in-house webmarketing skills can find it difficult to create on-line visibility. But help is at hand! founder Jean-Marc Henri lists some easy ways on how to create your own productive and attractive website!

Why is it important for pool sellers to be ranked number 1 on Google?

In a Google search, being on the top of the results page is vital for two reasons:

  • Google is used by over 93% of net surfers in the entire world.
  • The n°1 Google ranking attracts 34% of all clicks and 67% of clicks are made on the first 5 results.

It should be noted that the only two search engines used more than Google are Baidu (in China) and Yandex (in Russia). So it’s easy to understand why pool companies need to be ranked among the top on Google to generate business. Conversely, low rankings guarantee invisibility and limit business expansion to word-of-mouth recommendations.

"Content is King": top rankings of pool sellers’ websites totally depend on content!

Content is king in webmarketing because website referencing depends purely on contents. The more (relevant) contents there are, the more likely you are to be well ranked, and thus to be seen. To summarize:

  • Your contents must be good quality and meet the needs of your prospective clients.
  • They must be optimized for correct indexation by Google, which involves a tight focus on keywords and vocabulary.

Keywords are the words used by web surfers making a Google search. This is why keyword choice is fundamental when creating a pool seller website. There are generally two categories of keywords:

  • Keywords relating to your pool business, i.e. words describing the kind of pools you build, maintenance, pool houses and pool covers, prices and the accessories and equipment you sell.
  • Keywords with a local dimension, i.e. the key words relating to the geographical area(s) you supply.

To pick them, imagine the web surfers’ questions you can answer. For inspiration consult our article "Buying a swimming pool: what questions do customers ask?"

According to a study by, the best keywords to use include:

  • The kind of pool: concrete pool / above-ground pool / kit-form pool...
  • Construction: pool construction / pool security / pool regulations...
  • Maintenance: pool maintenance / pool water treatments...
  • Pool houses and covers: pool houses / pool shutters / pool covers...
  • Prices: concrete pool prices / above-ground pool prices...
  • Accessories and equipment: pool cleaning robots / pool filters / pool lighting...
  • Where you operate: pool builder in Paris / pool store in Paris / pool robot rentals in Paris...

Top Tips

  • Only position your firm on pool products you sell.
  • Try and use long-tail keywords, i.e. precise statements containing more than 3 keywords. For example, if you are renting out pool cleaning robots and your company is in Baltimore, you are more likely to attract prospects in your target group by keyword “pool robot rentals Baltimore” than just “pool robot rentals” which is too vague.

What is the minimum a pool seller website should contain?

Great care must obviously be taken with your site graphics. They are the shop window which will convince your prospect to sign with you - or not! Besides this, what must a pool seller website include? Jean-Marc Henri lists the essential pages you have to think about.

See the demo created for the webinar
(only in French)

The Homepage

Besides presenting your firm and your expertise, the homepage must contain all the keywords essential for your pool business. The keywords listed above must all be there. For example, for a company located in the French city of Mulhouse, one can also use the terms “Haut-Rhin” (name of the department) and “Alsace” (name of the region). And feature a “quote request” push button at the bottom of the page.

The Services Page

Here you list all the types of pool products and services you supply - the types of pools you build, your range of accessories, the kinds of water treatment, garden landscaping… You can include several keywords in this page. Separate ideas with punctuation marks and, last but not least, illustrate everything with photographs captioned with keywords.

The Portfolio Page

This section proves your expertise and your local presence through your work to date (for example: “concrete plunge pool in Mulhouse”). Keep this page alive with new references (once every 3 months is ideal). Google is sensitive to these updates and the contents are references that attract new viewers. They are also good for adding to your social networks if you use them! 

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Reminder: do not forget to show your pool houses as they are a big market.

The contact page

It is vital to include a contact form and/or an e-mail and postal address and a phone number as well as a Google map to help your prospective customers see where you are. Do your pool business cover several geographical zones? This is the place to list them!

Do you want to go further in creating your pool seller website and/or improving its ranking? Check out the dedicated training courses listed in this article!

See the whole webinar

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