Piscine Connect 2020 was the place to be for pool professionals!

Piscine Connect attracted 1,160 participants who discovered the latests pool innovations, networked and attended conferences on the pool sector.

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The all-digital new Piscine Global Europe event was held on November 17th and 18th. For two days, Piscine Connect existed as a web platform where pool and spa professionals presented their new products and innovations, networked and attended conferences on the latest events in the sector. A “must” meeting which attracted 1,160 participants.

A long-awaited display case for the whole pool and spa sector 

With 259 products presented by 221 exhibitors, Piscine Connect 2020 was the star year-end event that exactly dovetailed with market suppliers’ commercial calendars.

Sector professionals discovered 27 pool innovations the market had been waiting for on a dedicated platform, in the following categories:

  • Home automation: LivePool system (CF Group), Justsalt Pro Connect system (Pool Technology), Switch Connect system (CF Group), tild connected junction box (CCEI Bleu Electrique), Bioclimatic pool technical local (Klereo), YnBlue Platinum solution (Ynéom)
  • Maintenance: Chlor'in electrolyzer (Fluidra), Vitalia filtration pumps (CF group), O'Clear (Bio UV Group), Stérilor electrolysis vessels (Nextpool), filtering skimmer with cartridge (AstralPool)
  • Construction: CFDome pool construction protection (CF GROUP), Octeo automated covers for above-ground pools (AstralPool).
  • Security: Selfeex safety attachment (Nextpool), Tixit above-ground pool shutter (CF Group), Abridéal partnership service (Abridéal)
  • Wellness: AGYS Aquagymsystem accessories (Walchli), Zenaé marine magnesium (Salins du Midi), Swimeo counter-current swimming system (Sirem)
  • Outdoor: InverX heat pump (SCP Europe), Premium Vitalia heat pump (CF Group), Z550 iQ Heat pump (Zodiac), Micro Plug-in-Pool, Mid-BRiO (CCEI Bleu Electrique), Akeron Heat heat pump (Corelec), BIO'R air dehydration system (BIO'R), SINTINELLA® solar-powered lamp post (Sintinella).

See all the descriptions of Piscine Connect innovations

Webinars created by and for pool professionals 

The event featured 36 webinars - in French or English - run by sector suppliers and trade associations. 

These talks concerned pool innovations and trends emerging in the sector. The Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine (French Federation of Pool and Spa Professionals) reviewed the highly current subject of environmental challenges.

Viewed on average by 127 participants, these presentations also attracted the French and International Trade Press, with 26 journalists logged onto the event.

Replay all the webinars

Innovative, profitable networking for business

In just two days, 1,758 interactions were recorded between Piscine Connect participants! That includes remote meetings as well as business conversations and requests for presentations.

Overall, 225 business meetings were programmed via the Piscine Connect platform. 
An innovative formula which proved to be a winner. 

A truly international digital event 

With 46% of the participants coming from outside France, the new digital event Piscine Connect benefits from the reputation of Piscine Global Europe trade show, the world benchmark reference in the pool and spa sector.

In addition to the French participants, there were a host of European professionals mobilized for the event, mostly from:

  1. Italy
  2. Spain
  3. Belgium
  4. The United Kingdom
  5. Greece

A positive sign which proves that business continues even if frontiers firmed up in 2020!

The next edition of Piscine Global Europe will be from November 15th to November 18th, 2022. A physical event where people can meet up again in person at the biggest sector trade show!

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