Piscine Connect 2020: Innovations in pool maintenance

Retrouvez les dernières innovations pour la piscine lancées par les grandes marques spécialistes de l'entretien.

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Good pool maintenance guarantees healthy, clean water. In recent years, new concerns of pool owners with running costs and ecology have transformed the maintenance equipment market. At Piscine Connect 2020, well-known international manufacturers unveiled their latest pool maintenance innovations listed below.

Overview: Piscine Connect 2020 was the place to be!

O'Clear® water treatment solutions (BIO-UV Group)

Specialists in water treatment by ultraviolet radiation, BIO-UV Group launched its totally new water treatment concept which promises high performance disinfection by combining ultraviolet radiation and electrolysis - the two best water maintenance technologies.

This new concept saves money, uses seven times less salt than a conventional electrolyzer and has a very long life lamp claimed to last 13,000 hours. The concept continues its corporate logic of reliability, simplicity and pool automation with the O'Clear® Elite pH regulator.

Vitalia filtration pumps (CF Group)

With its new range, CF Group capitalizes on 45 years of know-how to propose two versions of the best filtration pumps - Vitalia Premium and Vitalia Comfort – using the highest performing technologies.
Typical of this new generation, these hydraulic pumps are quiet and powerful. Both versions are compatible with LivePool, the CF Group system for connected pool equipment. To save energy, these filtration pumps also exist in variable speed versions.

Chlor'In electrolyzer (Fluidra)

Fluidra revolutionizes water treatment with a more innovative, ecological electrolyzer. This patented concept for the production of natural chlorine by electrolysis, previously reserved for industrial applications, means that salt no longer has to be poured into pools and is stored in a separate bin.

Suitable for every kind of pool, Chlor'In technology guarantees clean water without a salty taste. It uses up to 10 times less salt vs. traditional electrolyzers and protects equipment from premature corrosion. Its intuitive interface simplifies electrolysis management and makes dosages more precise.

Skimmer filter cartridge (AstralPool)

This 2 in 1 solution combines skimmer and cartridge to save time for professionals when installing this equipment. It fits every kind of concrete, lined, shell or panel pool.

This high performance innovation is ideal for water maintenance with 15 micron filtration and more ecological and economic cartridge cleaning than sand filters. Made in Europe, the skimmer can be mated with the other sealed parts with Easycolor slot covers.

Stérilor electrolysis chambers (Nextpool)

Stérilor markets the first multiposition electrolysis chamber which can be installed on line or with a T. To enable observation of chlorine production, these chambers are modular, upgradeable and transparent.

Installation is easy as it is a bolt-on appliance with a 50 mm or 63 mm off-set extender, a “foolproof” electrode locating pin to ensure installation in the right direction i.e. aligned with the water flow. This product also features a deflector to ensure homogeneous production. The easy way to ensure clear, clean water for a long time!

Most owners think pool maintenance is a chore but recent innovations take out the drudgery. Pool automation can handle all or part of the maintenance process and is a solid argument to close the sale of a pool or maintenance contract.

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