Piscine Connect 2020: Innovations for connected pools

At the all-digital Piscine Connect 2020, professionals unveiled their latest pool innovations. Find out a summary of home automation related products.

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Connected pools are a relatively recent concept but the innovations in this field go far beyond the wildest dreams of pool builders and owners. Manufacturers rival to invent higher performing, more intuitive and easier to manage pools. Home automation can do all this, and much more too! At the all-digital Piscine Connect 2020, professionals unveiled their latest pool innovations, summarized below.

The Kléréo Bioclimatic technical room

Kléréo specializes in automated pool maintenance. At Piscine Connect, they launched their new smart technical room which provides incomparable pool consumption control and minimizes owner interventions.

To ensure top quality water all year round, the pool is managed entirely by the technical room according to bioclimatic factors. Filtration, water treatment, heating, lighting and auxiliaries can all be managed simultaneously via a K-link communication bus which enables all these different functions to work together. To facilitate preventive maintenance for pool builders and maintenance services there is a complete follow-up and minute by minute log.

Launch date: November 15, 2020

The Pool Technology Justsalt Pro Connect terminal

The latest in the Natural Pool Series processor range, Justsalt Pro Connect combines salt electrolysis with pH regulation and ORP (Oxydo Reduction Potential) monitoring. Via home automation this 3 in 1 unit significantly facilitates pool water treatment and greatly improves user comfort and safety.

In addition to its wide range of functionalities, the unit innovates by its connectivity, well-designed ergonomics with a backlit LCD screen, hot keys and practical mechanics with, in particular, tool-free unit opening. And the electronics are new too - the compact unit features a new generation processor with a boosted memory for no-dwell response.

Launch date: January 1, 2021

The CF Group LivePool application

To accompany its connected equipment, CF Group has developed a free-of-charge application that simplifies the everyday life of pool owners by boosting performance and effectiveness.

Featuring several essential functionalities, the LivePool application manages the whole filtration system, water quality and electric shutter opening. It can also control lighting and monitor water and air temperatures in real time. A must for owners who want easy and total control of their pools.
Launch date: January 1, 2021

The CF Group Switch Connect connected timer

Designed to be controlled by the LivePool application, the new CF Group connected timer brings all the benefits of home automation to any swimming pools via installation on any standard rack with a DIN rail.

Using Wi-Fi, pool owners can now use this innovation to control filtration, lighting as well as booster and back-up pumps. This pool innovation has a wide choice of extra options including an air and water temperature sensor and an empty socket to enable the connection of Switch Connect to an installation already featuring a timer unit on the faceplate. With this innovation, connected pools will become even more popular!

Launch date: March 1, 2021

The CCEI Bleu Electrique pre-wired electric terminal

CCEI Bleu Electrique markets a fully-equipped and pre-wired electric terminal just as easy to install as a standard rack and includes filtration and pool LED lighting controls.

The multiple functions of this pool innovation include filtration control depending on the temperature of the water, a weekend mode and a full LED lighting control system via a smart phone connected in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The unit will receive continual upgrades throughout its service life.

Launch date: November 3, 2020

The fully-equipped Ynéom YnBlue Platinum terminal

Specifically designed to help professionals with pool maintenance, the new Ynéom Connected Plug and Play Active Treatment system manages pools treated with chlorine, salt or oxygen.

The terminal comprises a connected unit, an analysis chamber and probes plus a cell phone and web application. In addition to the many functionalities inherited from the other products in the YnBlue range, the Platinum terminal can also control a second filter system and a counter-current wave generator.

Launch date: November 1, 2020

Connected swimming pools are a strong growth trend more and more frequently proposed by pool builders and demanded by owners and prospects. The all-digital Piscine Connect was a long-awaited opportunity for professionals to get an overall view of progress in pool innovations and position themselves in this market.

Overview : Piscine Connect 2020 was the place to be for pool professionals!

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