The ABC of pool automation benefits for pool builders and service providers

From useful functionalities to new oportunities to close a sale, connected pool is a must for pool builders and services providers!

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We already talked about the benefits of home automation for swimming pool owners. But there are also a host of benefits for pool builders and suppliers to keep life simple. Arguments in favor of connected pools are convincing! Omar Saaïd, Director of pool automation specialists Klereo detailed them at Piscine Connect 2020.

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Automation or home automation?

The word automation applies when a single system controls one specific action — for example, pressing a button to open a swimming pool shutter. Home automation (aka domotics), on the other hand, describes a system which unites several technologies and/or equipment items in a single system by adding a degree of intelligence: here the key word is interoperability.

Complete interoperability between the different functions of a connected pool via the same application interface boosts performance. One of the main reasons for home automation!

Functionalities which greatly facilitate the work of pool builders and service providers

Pool automation does not replace pool builders and service providers, but assists them in their day-to-day work. By eliminating tasks which do not earn much, you can focus on better-paid essentials and deploy all your expertise.

Intelligent filtration management

With pool automation, filtration cycles can be controlled by a wide range of parameters, eliminating 80% of water treatment problems. For example, you can run filtration more frequently in summer when pool water is warmer, or start filtration when the pool lights come on.

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Customized control depending on shutter opening

Depending on whether the swimming pool shutter is open or closed, you can define a range of scenarios which will control one or more functions such as heating, pump speed, filtration via storage tank or ground drain, etc.

Easy access to key data

All important pool data are either displayed directly on the system display or downloaded to a cell phone, for example. These intuitive interfaces simplify the transmission of measurements and equipment status alarms.

Better pool condition diagnoses

Thanks to domotics, pool builders and service providers have access to all the data they need to take action if needed: pool parameters, operations log, consumption tracking, etc. With pool automation, pool diagnosis is permanent. A great advantage when your customers tend to “elude” some of the data!

Extra safety for the pool

Connected pool boosts pool operation safety. For example, in the case of an empty or failed pump resulting in no water flow, the system can stop injecting chemicals.

Faster and more precise interventions

Thanks to the web connection between you and your pool, you are alerted remotely if an anomaly occurs: loss of water flow, lack of treatment chemicals, etc. But more important still, you can initiate corrective actions remotely (for example, shock chlorine injections) while waiting to intervene on the spot. A great sales argument during lockdown periods! And last but not least, constant observation boosts your own expertise in pool parameter management.

Improved work organization for pool builders and service providers

Finally, pool automation simplifies pool maintenance planning and improves productivity. For example, you can schedule interventions by prioritizing their urgency. And last but not least, you will always know which tools you need to do the job!

Connected pools are a new opportunity to build pool business

From a commercial point of view, domotics is an extra argument to close a sale. By proposing it, you stand out from your competitors, as it simplifies pool maintenance and thus removes the major obstacle to purchasing. Moreover, the fact that pool automation monitors the pool all the time is reassuring. As a professional, you improve your service, improve customer satisfaction and can guarantee pool water quality.

Lastly, smart pool makes it possible to make extra sales, for example by providing consumables like liquid chlorine as soon customers run out.

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Connected pools are a fast-growing trend and effectively solve problems pool owners regularly encounter. With so many benefits, there is no doubt that pool automation will become a key skill for pool builders and service providers in the future!

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