Piscine Connect 2020: Wellness innovations for pools and spas

Entre nouveautés pour la piscine sportive et produits novateurs pour les spas, retrouvez les innovations présentées sur Piscine Connect 2020.

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Wellness is increasingly a factor in pool use. A host of innovations in the sports and relaxation sectors were presented to professionals at the digital Piscine Connect 2020 event. Additional sales for providers and new ideas for services for specialized establishments — everyone active in the pool market is sure to find something of interest!

Overview: Piscine Connect 2020 was the place to be!

The AGyS Aqua Gym System from Walchli

Turning a swimming pool into a sports gym is child’s play with the Walchli AGyS aquagym system! This new water sport accessory can be used for a wide range of physical exercises as the extra pressure of water prevents damage to joints.

This spa innovation is simply a rope fixed on both sides of the pool on which is slid an orange tube which supports the body. The instability of the tube means the user has to rebalance all the time which works out the quadriceps, biceps, triceps and hamstrings. Ideal for working on abs, cardio training and physical therapy!

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Zenaé marine magnesium from the Salins du Midi

Spas can upgrade their care services with the ZENAÉ collection. The results of the research program dedicated to finding fragrances — cotton flower, orange blossom and monoi oil — for Marine magnesium salts (aka Epsom salts) were presented at Piscine Connect 2020.

In addition to stimulating the sense of smell, this spa innovation detoxifies and relaxes thanks to the magnesium which is well known for calming mind and body. The ZENAÉ range will easily find its niche in all spas seeking new, effective and natural products, two essential criteria for today’s clients. The range is packaged ideally for professionals and is risk-free for spa equipment.

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Sirem counter-current system from Swimeo

Sirem’s new generation counter-current turbine promises limitless swimming as though swimmers are in surface waters in natural surroundings. Swimeo transforms any type of pool into a swimming center!

Easy to install, Swimeo can be fitted to existing pools by a good-looking plug-and-play system or, for more discretion, built into a pool during construction. The wide flow ensures unequaled swimming comfort and the flow rate can be adapted to every category of swimmer and adapted for all kinds of usage from wellbeing sessions to hard training. As this spa innovation is connected, the Swimeo system can be controlled by a cell phone.

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These spa innovations contribute to popularizing sports pools for all “à la carte” and water as a vector of wellness. To anticipate the future of the sector, you need to focus on these emerging wellness trends. Check them out in our dedicated article!

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