Piscine Connect 2020: pool safety innovations

Find out the latest innovations featured on Piscine Connect 2020 to keep swimming pool safe, from building site protection solution to pool covers.

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Innovations keep pools ever safer, as the digital event Piscine Connect 2020 proved. From safety on building sites to safety when swimming, inspired manufacturers have recently come up with a host of interesting innovations.

Overview: Piscine Connect 2020 was the place to be!

CFDome pool building site protection from CF GROUP 

Originally marketed under the name of Pool'Up, CF GROUP now sells the inflatable pool building site protection solution under the name CFDome. Ideal for protecting pool building and restoration sites from wind and rain, this innovation is easy to transport and can be erected in less than 5 minutes.

This inflatable dome provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the layer of air between its walls. Tough, it resists site accidents and does not deflate if punctured. For the health of the workforce, the blowers constantly renew the air inside.

Octéo automatic pool cover stand from AstralPool

In 2021, above-ground automated covers can be equipped with the new Octéo motorized roller stand featuring a limit switch and coupled to the electrolysis unit. Octéo modernizes the AstralPool cover range and boosts pool safety. Imagined by a design agency, this resolutely modern model made in France is available in four colors.

Fitted with a tubular motor with hand crank override, Octéo allows for manually securing pools of up to 7.5m x 17m. On option there is a remote opening and closing control function via a Bluetooth connection and the App Cover Connect application.

Selfeex pool cover safety fastener from Nextpool 

For even more effective protection and without manual intervention, Nextpool has presented its automatic locking device for in-ground covers in pools. Very strong, it can be fitted to existing covers.

The device comprises a bolt and a hook fixed to the pool wall. When the cover is closed, it pushes the bolt into the hook. To check correct operation of the device, Nextpool integrated a control light which comes ON when it locks. 

Tixit above-ground pool cover from CF GROUP 

The new CF GROUP Tixit above-ground pool cover features elegant, discrete terminals manufactured from top-quality materials and components. It provides long-life motors decorated by LED strips to add a distinctive, modern, design note to pools.

Resolutely focused on pool automation, the covers can be controlled by smart phone and the application Livepool. Its “Pool Sound” option integrates two Bluetooth loudspeakers for optimal sound quality. Covers can be powered by mains electricity or solar panels.

Abridéal service partnership

At Piscine Connect 2020, Abridéal launched its partnership campaign to assist French pool builders, landscape designers and other craftsmen. With a long experience in pool enclosures, Abridéal is famous for its efficient production process which includes every step, from consultancy to final installation.

Professionals interested in this partnership gain serenity and can provide a top quality, full service to their customers. Abridéal proposes fixed price remuneration system which ensures that the rate of commission is fixed in advance. This partnership includes sales tools, assistance with contact management and sales follow-up.

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Pool safety equipment increasingly includes pool automation functions to mitigate human error and make life easier for everyone. If you are wondering how to sell smart services to your customers, check out our dedicated article!

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