Press Review: what’s new in wellness?

The Covid crisis boosted the aquatic and wellness equipment market. Here are some new opportunities for the sector and how to deal with them!

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The Covid crisis boosted the aquatic and wellness equipment market with strong demand from households. What are the new opportunities for companies in the sector and how should they navigate in these difficult times? The selection of articles below clarifies the current growth in wellness.

French savings reach a record level 

The Covid crisis and the impossibility of consuming normally encouraged people all over the world to save while waiting for the clouds to clear. In France, 80% of households saved more than usual in 2020 - money they intend to spend on big projects. A godsend for manufacturers who see a boom in sales of everything involving the home - and aquatic and spa equipment in particular.

Read the article in L'Activité Piscine (French)

Exceptional growth in spa equipment

Coincidence or a direct result of the boom in savings? Whatever the reason, spas are much in demand by every kind of end user, at every price level and meeting every dream. Sales of inflatable spas, in particular, have soared and overall people are buying more expensive spas. The greatest difficulty facing providers is stock shortages!

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Meeting demand: beware of overextending your resources 

The resilience of sector companies was severely tested in 2020 following the unforeseen increase in the demand of home owners for aquatic equipment. To absorb this sudden extra work load, companies were tempted to develop quickly. But is this boom likely to last? This article in Pool & Spa News spells out the dangers and the need to think in-depth about recruitment and logistics. More haste, more risks! 

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Could hydrotherapy be a cure for the post-COVID syndrome?

We are gradually finding out more about COVID-19 and already know that the virus is responsible for several long-lasting symptoms, in particular fatigue and pains in joints. German rheumatologist Dr. Martin Gehlen gave a talk to the European Spas Association explaining how hydrotherapy can help patients presenting these after-effects. An opportunity for the sector and which could compensate to some degree for the sharp fall in business in 2020.

Read the article in AQUAE (French)

The Finnish sauna declared part of humanity’s heritage by UNESCO

Added to the UNESCO immaterial cultural heritage of humanity list at the end of 2020, the sauna became the first Finnish tradition protected by this distinction. More than 25 Finnish sauna experts worked together to obtain this inscription and promote the art of the Finnish sauna with all its cultural dimensions. The idea is to make Finnish saunas even more popular!

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Spa and aquatic equipment will likely benefit from the actual circumstances. So as not to miss out on what’s happening in pools and spas in the wellness sector, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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