New guide about pool and spa waste recycling and valorization

This essential tool helps sector professionals comply with the new AGEC law and create a circular economy, stress free!

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To promote good waste recycling practices in the pool and spa sector, the Sustainable Development Commission of the Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine (The French Pool Professionals Federation) has published a pioneer guide in this field. This essential tool helps sector professionals comply with the new AGEC law and create a circular economy, stress free!

A ground-breaking guide for a new circular economy

In France, the anti-waste for a circular economy law (AGEC) promulgated in 2020 will durably modify sector practices. The choice of materials for manufacturing products will have to be reconsidered as will waste processing. The EPR (extended producer responsibility) law, which has existed since 1975, is changed to introduce there a new responsibility: final disposal at the end of a product’s life.

This new regulation transfers responsibility from public authorities to pool and spa professionals who will now have to integrate these environmental considerations in their product designs. This will make the whole sector create a circular economy. A real need since in addition to the evolution of the regulation, the resources used by the sector are under pressure so the change is not just the answer to an ecological challenge but solves an economic problem too!

For many years, the FPP has worked to protect the environment and assisted pool and spa professionals to adopt good practices. This is why its Sustainable Development Commission, created in 2006, prepared this guide in collaboration with experts in ecological recycling to help pool and spa professionals make this transition. It is basically for FPP members and in particular pool manufacturers, builders and fitters of associated equipment. A dedicated training program will soon accompany the guide.

Download the pool recycling guide in French (members only)

Hard-hitting contents for efficient pool recycling

A very useful guide for professionals, it gives a comprehensive overview of waste recycling for the French pool and spa sector. It outlines the legal requirements for waste processing and the possibilities of processing at the end of the life cycle of the products and materials used in the sector. The guide identifies the various processing sectors for recycling and/or waste valorization.

This document is a true overview providing a host of practical information enabling fast and relevant implementation of sorting, recycling and valorization in your pool supplier business!

Find out the ecological key figures about swimming pools

To ensure all pool and the spa members understand the challenges of the new waste recycling regulation, the FPP will soon provide training (in French). If you have employees in France, the FPP stages can be financially supported by French government. Think about it!

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