3 reasons for selling private collective pools

Pool builders often think private collective pool projects are too complex – but there are a host of reasons for getting involved.

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Pool builders often think private collective pool projects are too complex – but there are a host of reasons for getting involved, as David Moreau, Marketing and Communications Director of pool builder group L'Esprit Piscine explains. One member of the group even won the collective swimming pool prize in the Pool Design Awards 2020 contest!

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Many pool builders find private collective pool regulations too complex

Private collective pool regulations are specific and more restrictive than those for family pools which is one reason builders hesitate before entering this market. Designs for collective swimming pools require thorough knowledge of the current rules and regulations governing everything from pool depth indication and water treatment, to foot baths and obligatory safety equipment.

But this doesn’t stop customized pool makers from competing in this market, as David Moreau explains: 

Specific standards apply to private collective pools but they are not as tough as those governing public pools. As we sell customized pools, these rules do not change much for us as we can apply our skills to every kind of project. If you already have the techniques, it only takes a little time to assimilate the private collective pool regulations. L'Esprit Piscine has compiled a summary for our members and we support them in many other ways too. 
The FPP (French Federation of Pool & Spa Professionals) has also prepared a summary to facilitate project implementation.

David Moreau stresses that it is not because order books for family pools are currently full that builders should ignore the private collective pool market. Aiming higher has many advantages!

Pool regulations make public pools and spas safe and enjoyable

3 reasons for working on private collective pool projects

1. A market with fewer competitors 

As this is a very technical market, there is less competition than for family pools. “As not all pool builders have the skill sets needed for this market, there are generally fewer companies able to bid for these projects. In the final decision, technical know-how and familiarity with private collective pool regulations very often take precedence over sales talent,” David Moreau explains.

2. Bigger quotes

For private establishments wanting to build collective pools, the basic idea is to create a “Wow” effect in their advertising and promotional media. For hotels, in particular, the pool is a hot spot and they seldom haggle over the cost, providing it attracts guests. David Moreau analyzes this trend in the following way: “Most of these establishments do not view the swimming pool as a cost but as an investment to amortize over several years. They call upon creative architects to build an image for the hotel. For them, the only meaningful charge is the running cost.”

3. Extraordinary, extremely technical creations 

Private collective pools are always customized employing far superior means and methods than those used for family pools. David Moreau says: “Every one of these pools needs careful thought and most of our members adore creating projects different from anything they’ve ever done before. For example, it’s not every day you are asked to install mobile bottoms! It’s very stimulating!”

Pool equipment is also evolving very quickly, harnessing advanced technologies rarely used in family pools. As David Moreau told us:“take the case of pools for physiotherapists. They will want a maximum of automated equipment so they can concentrate on their jobs and not lose time on the technicalities.”

It’s all a question of striking the right balance

Defining the right pool market for you is vital. Every pool company has its own economic model and decides its price point – low or luxury -, its quality and optimum sales volume. In David Moreau’s opinion, if you are already well established in the market there is nothing to stop you doing both.

Today, with tourism and leisure establishments closed, builders focused on public swimming pools are suffering and having to look for family pool jobs. But maybe in 5 years the wheel will turn… The ideal solution is not to put all your eggs in one basket and to have a foot in several markets to be able to react more quickly if any of them have a downturn. This is also why pool restoration is a very interesting niche market for pool builders too.

Pool staging is a good way to boost your sales!

Our thanks to David Moreau, Marketing and Communications Director of pool builder group L'Esprit Piscine.

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