Piscine Connect 2020: innovations in pool heat pumps

More powerful, quieter and more energy-efficient, the new generation of pool heat pumps are one of the most popular heating methods.

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More powerful, quieter and more energy-efficient, the new generation pool heat pumps are all committed to environmental protection with no loss of comfort for users. At Piscine Connect 2020, three new pool innovations on the market were presented to the professionals. Discover them below!

Overview: Piscine Connect 2020 was the place to be!

The InverX heat pump (SCP Group)

Fruit of five years research at Fairland, the new InverX heat pump is powerful and quiet thanks to Full Inverter and Turbo Silence technologies. It is ten times quieter than a heat pump using standard technology - under 32 dB(A) at a distance of 10 m when operating at 50% of power.

It is a high-performance pump able to heat a pool much more quickly when the season starts. Its Full Inverter technology makes it possible to adjust compressor settings very precisely to meet exact needs. It can maintain water at 28°C all year round for less than 2 €/day. To improve control, this aluminum alloy heat pump features a Wi-Fi connection and a smart control panel.

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The Z550iQ heat pump (Zodiac)

Also equipped with Full Inverter technology, Zodiac’s latest heat pump is also powerful and energy-efficient. It is half the size of a standard pump and vents vertically, which makes it ideal for small spaces.

Thanks to its Boost, Smart and Ecosilence modes, this heat pump guarantees an ideal water temperature while controlling power consumption - and in silence. Compatible with the iAqualink application, the Z550iQ heat pump can be controlled remotely and will be upgraded regularly.

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The Akeron Heat heat pump (Corelec)

Specialists in water treatment and electrical junction boxes, Corelec has developed a range of powerful, good-looking and ultra quiet heat pumps, with a noise level equivalent to a refrigerator 1m away.

The simple, streamlined design of this new range does away with front-face fans. Its Full Inverter stepping technology uses 35% less power vs. ON/OFF heat pumps, with no loss of efficiency and a COP ratio of up to 8 (air 15°C-water 26°C). A wireless (Wi-Fi) connection and a touch screen mean pool heating can be controlled remotely.

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Pool owners appreciate the high efficiency and low power consumption of heat pumps as they permit pools to be used during most of the year. As for all other technologies in this sector, the home automation aspect, with remote pool heating control, is now a “must” selling point!

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