Piscine Connect 2020: Pool lighting innovations

Pool lighting is essential to make a pool stand out and to securise it. Find out the latest pool innovations unveiled at Piscine Connect 2020.

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Making nighttime swims and pool surroundings safer or creating a friendly space once the night has fallen, pool lighting is essential and must meet specific standards. What innovations can the pool market count on this year? Three were presented at Piscine Connect 2020.

Overview: Piscine Connect 2020 was the place to be!

The Mid-BRiO LED lights (CCEI)

More compact, more powerful and with a wider light beam angle, the new generation of Mid-Brio lights from CCEI offers one of the most interesting power/lumens/size ratios on the pool market. This 2600 lumens LED spotlight (hot and cold white lighting) has a beam angle of up to 160° vs. 120° for standard spotlights with a significant reduction in shady zones.

Only 75 mm in diameter, this compact fitment can be screwed onto any pool lining with a standard 1.5” wall joint. A choice of several colors guarantee it will blend into every pool design scheme. This immersed lighting system also features RGBW technology, illuminating the pool with a power of 1,800 lumens. Ideal for chromotherapy – so give it a try!

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The Micro Plug-in-Pool (CCEI)

Another CCEI innovation is the LED Micro Plug-in-Pool ultra-compact mini spotlight featuring wireless technology, making it possible to change the light ultra-quickly, without works. Its latest version presented at Piscine Connect 2020 meets sector standards more closely in particular with a 12 V power supply.

It took several years of work to miniaturize the LED lighting and the induction technology so it can fit into all 1.5” outflows and is compatible with all pools. This innovation upgrades the whole pool lighting system with different colors per zone, color changes to order and easy, fast spotlight wintering.

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The SINTINELLA® solar terminal (Delta Lux)

Designed by high efficiency lighting specialist Delta Lux, SINTINELLA® solar light, with its 72h autonomy, ensures visual comfort and safety all night long, even in gray weather.

It also features SoundLight detection technology. When the terminal detects a human noise of over 60 dB, its 125 lumens night lighting system switches over to 500 lumens. This eliminates lighting which is switched ON unnecessarily by gusts of wind in the bushes! Easy to install, its exclusive, modern and discrete design creates an elegant atmosphere around pools.

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Pool lighting uses more and more LED technology. To check out all LED benefits, consult our zoom on LED pool lighting!

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