New “must” pool equipment you need to know about

Check out our “must” innovations - from connected pools to safer pools and, of course, sports equipment and heat pumps.

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The pool sector is more and more creative, innovative and imaginative. Every year, hundreds of new equipment items and systems appear on the market. Too many to get to know! Check out our “must” innovations - from connected pools to safer pools and, of course, sports equipment and heat pumps.

Connected pools are more intuitive and powerful

Applied to pools, home automation revolutionizes hazardous maintenance tasks and simplifies pool operation. The new connected box models with user-friendly interfaces react instantaneously and can generate complete analyses to produce entirely personalized preventive maintenance - a win-win system for pool owners and pool builders alike. Last but not least, connected pools are now easily affordable - even for pools equipped with standard boxes!

Great innovations for connected pools

Cheaper and eco-friendlier pool maintenance

Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore with new equipment possibilities! Water treatment has evolved to make substantial product and energy savings and increasingly softer and clearer water. Equipment designs have improved to cut down on installation time and filtration pumps are now so quiet you tend to forget they’re on.

5 innovations to make pool maintenance easier

Upgraded pool lighting

Lighting secures pool access and creates ambiences around pools. The LED revolution led the way and now everything has been upgraded with the introduction of a new generation of spotlights with scatter angles of 160° and solar terminals which no longer react to movement but to human noises. A total range of color choices and longer service lives are convincing arguments when selling to pool owners. 

Discover the latest pool lighting innovations

More efficient, energy saving, heat pumps

Previous generations of heat pumps were power-hungry and expensive. The latest generation of heat pumps heats pool water in an eco-friendly and economical way. Home automation means they can adapt their operation to weather conditions or real-time pool use. More compact and yet more powerful, their low noise levels make them more attractive to pool owners.

Meet 3 new and efficient pool heat pumps

Reconciling pool safety with good looks

Safety equipment sales, in particular pool shutters and covers, have been boosted by current French legislation and can now be fitted with better looking automated locking systems, connected motorized winding gear and integrated speakers, created by top designers! And just as the sector is always on the lookout for ways to keep pool users safer, manufacturers have invented inflatable site protection for their workers.

Find out the latest equipment for pool safety

Wellness moments accessible to everyone

Pools have many uses - from hosting families for wild parties to sports centers and zones of wellbeing. To reconcile all these facets, pool manufacturers have imagined a host of solutions which transform a pool’s function without changing its basics. From full and flexible aquagym equipment to easy-to-install countercurrent swimming systems, the latest innovations democratize sports pools and wellness.

Wellness innovations for pools and spas

This fall, the digital Piscine Connect 2021 event at which the latest innovations are presented is back, with a host of new ideas and concepts. Log in to this unique event!

Learn more about Piscine Connect

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