New pool water treatment innovations revealed at Piscine Connect 2021

We review six new pool products focused on water quality presented during Piscine Connect 2021.

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Every year, Piscine Connect 2021 showcases manufacturers to help them promote their new products to pool professionals. The sector is always brimming with good pool water filtration and treatment ideas! Here we review six new pool products focused on water quality.


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Watercom from CF Group France

Watercom is a complete system combining all the functions involved in effectively treating pool water - the filter, the filter pump, pH and redox (reduction-oxidation) monitoring units and metering pumps. It is tough, quiet, compact and simple to use as its speed controller is set with a touch screen and its central control system is remote controlled. Watercom also saves set up time as its electrical connections are factory pre-wired.

Launch date: December 1, 2021

Neolysis 2 from FLUIDRA COMMERCIAL France

This electrolyzer and UV-C guarantee disinfecting and disinfected water. Low salinity electrolysis eliminates natural corrosion and enhances swimming comfort. Total pool control is via a high-tech OLED touch screen. Available in 2 versions (BASIC and pH/RX), Neolysis 2 is supplied with 4 output relays to manage pool equipment including variable speed pumps.

Launch date: October 1, 2021

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HYDRO' Touch pH/Chlorine from SYCLOPE Electronique

This analytical and regulatory innovation controls and manages pool pH and chlorine. A Chlorine/Plug version can manage all the electrolyzers on the market and all pool volumes. Fitted with a comprehensive control panel, compact, prewired and pre-tested, HYDRO'Touch is a simple and effective way to optimize pool water treatment. Optionally, the unit can be remote controlled.

Launch date: March 1, 2021

Phileo VP from CCEI

This new connected solution makes it possible to read and modify pool pH at a glance in the pool room without a smart phone. The Phileo VP metering pump lights up in different colors depending on the parameters you set (measured value, measurement error, etc.) for fast system performance analysis. The unit takes only a few minutes to install.

Launch date: September 1, 2021

KALYPSO Pro from Klereo

To obtain ultimate water quality, KALYPSO Pro intelligently meters pH and disinfectant properties and also controls all standard ON/OFF filtration pumps and Klereo FLO variable speed pumps. An additional outlet also makes it possible to control lighting, heating and any other auxiliary equipment. Connected to Klereo pool filtration and heating systems, KALYPSO Pro reduces pool electricity consumption too!

Launch date: October 1, 2021


This new range for professionals acts on the 4 stages of pool water treatment: pH balance (Balance), disinfection (Disinfection), the appearance of algae (AlgiControl) and the elimination of pollution (CrystalWater). Practical packaging is designed for easy storage and dosages. For simple, safe product use, all the information vital for professionals and end users is easy to understand.

Launch date: October 1, 2021

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