How to create an effective video to promote your pool business

Guillaume Dossin gave a conference on the importance of videos for pool and spa marketing at Piscine Connect 2021.

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Videos used to be expensive to produce and the prerogative of TV, but they are now replacing all other media. Video marketing is so effective that pool professionals may find it very beneficial to use. A trend studied by Guillaume Dossin, digital consultant for Eurospapoolnews, who gave a conference on the importance of videos for pool and spa marketing at Piscine Connect 2021. To get your feet firmly in the stirrups, here are the 6 essential questions you need to ask yourself.


Can I afford to create a video?

Video is one of the most expensive media to produce what with the material, the editing software and also the need to call on the know-how of several people (director, cameraman, etc). But if you just need to make a product use or maintenance tutorial, for example, the cost is much less.

Buying the equipment to transform your smartphone into a video camera costs less than 200€. Some smartphone apps, like InShot, PowerDirector and Adobe Premier give you a complete and effective editing studio directly on your phone!

1. Why communicate by video?

Making a “me-too” video is a waste of time and money. What you need to do is start by defining your objectives and then study which are the most suitable media to achieve them. 

Start with the questions you want to answer. For example, do you want to relieve pressure on your after sales service by publishing a tutorial on the use of one of your products (which is also an excellent way to improve your customer satisfaction rating)? Or find new customers? Remember, to catch a viewer’s attention, it is better to make several short videos each of which answers a single question than to answer them all in a long one!

2. What is your target group?

Are you aiming at professionals or the general public? How old are they? How does your target group use media? More and more people in every age group watch videos but some viewers are more likely to identify with your message than others. Once you have defined your message and how you want to broadcast it, you can decide on the best format – Reels, YouTube tutorial, live video…

3. What do you want your audience to do?

Define the criteria of success of your “video campaign” by creating an effective, clear and precise call-to-action. For example, if you make a video praising the merits of a pool maintenance product, but your video description links to your homepage instead of a product page, you are highly likely to lose potential customers as they won’t know what they are supposed to do.

For a truly global vision, this call-to-action must be defined when you write your video’s scenario. And remember that a video on YouTube has on average 3 seconds to catch a viewer’s attention! To say something interesting, say it at the beginning rather as a drawn-out “teaser”! 

4. Who to get to produce your video?

Although you have many talents (besides being a pool and spa professional), you probably don’t spend your spare time making films.

Although everyone can make videos today, your viewers can tell the difference between an amateur video made ”for fun” and a corporate video not made seriously… and their judgment will be tough! Budget enough to get your video made by professionals – an advertising agency or a freelance video director … 

5. How will your video be broadcast?

For your video to find its audience, you have to pick the right broadcast channel and the right time of day. 

YouTube, Facebook, your web site or LinkedIn are all good, but systematically budget for a media spend to sponsor a post, boost a social network publication, share with another sponsor or advertize on YouTube. You can also associate with other media to relay your video.

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6. Seek out your audience or just let it come by itself?

Even if you may have to adapt your approach, going out to find your audience costs less than letting it come by itself. This is why so many brands targeting young people have recently started to use platforms like Tik-Tok. So don’t be afraid. Launch out into as yet unexplored territories to meet your audience on its own ground!

Now you know what to do to create effective videos which really correspond to what your target group is looking for. Come to Piscine Global Europe 2022 to attend more conferences about marketing pools and spas!

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Our thanks to Guillaume Dossin for sharing his expertise.

© Photo credit: panuwat / Adobe Stock

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