How to use your customers’ reviews to boost your pool business

High customer satisfaction builds customer loyalty. By using your existing customer reviews actively, you will make new ones!

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Almost everyone checks out customer reviews about a company or its products before purchasing. It is sometimes enough for one negative opinion to cause the loss of a potential sale in favor of a competitor. After looking at your customer satisfaction rating and understanding how to improve it sustainably, harvest the fruits of your work... and grow your pool sales!


What data do you need to collect to use your customers’ reviews for marketing campaigns?

After analyzing your customer satisfaction in-depth, defining and rectifying possible shortfalls, divide the interesting data into two categories.


Prospective customers often check ratings to choose between several companies. If you already know your customer satisfaction indices, now is the time to use them! We discussed three of them in our first article: The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the Customer Effort Score (CES).

This category also collects the ratings left by social networkers on dedicated sites like Trustpilot and your Google My Business page.

Subjective comments

These customer reviews are much in demand by prospective customers who are halfway to deciding. They have already shortlisted you and want to make sure that you are the right pool builder or pool supplier for them.

This part relates to references you have collected yourself by phone, e-mails or questionnaires, but also spontaneous opinions customers have posted on the Web. To monitor this latter category, you have to analyze chat rooms like forums specialized in pools or the construction industry, as well as the comments posted on social networks. 

A simple way to collect these reviews is to create a Google Alert with the name of your company, your products and your services.

5 good ways to mobilize your customer reviews 

1.    Be where your customers can leave their opinions

It goes without saying that if your customers are satisfied with you but cannot tell the world, it will be problematic to capitalize on these excellent references.

If you have not already done so, open a Google My Business account, a corporate referencing service designed to let surfers publish scores and opinions. Do not forget the social networks, with in particular Facebook and its heading dedicated to reviews! And to go even further, you can use customer opinion platforms like Trustpilot.


The Google My Business insert appears directly on the Google results page

2.    Update your website

If you already have a website, you can highlight your customers’ reviews in several strategic places, for example:

  • a dedicated references page (the famous “gold book”);
  • your homepage;
  • your product descriptions.

If you have an ecommerce website, you can even integrate an internal products and opinions scoring system.

Don’t panic if you don’t have a website yet! Our partner explained the key steps in creating top pool seller websites in a webinar at Piscine Connect 2020 and will also talk about it at digital event Piscine Connect 2021.

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3.    Use the power of the social networks

Did you get a good reference you want to use? The social networks are there for that! Be careful to put the opinions you relay in their context to make them even more credible. Make sure you get permission from customers before publishing their names and reviews – or you can use them anonymously, but that will have less impact on your target group.

How pool professionals can use social media

4.    Bring your communications media up to date 

Not everything happens on the Web! You can also highlight your customer satisfaction in other marketing media such as banners in showrooms and your press kit.

The same goes for your brochures and leaflets, on which the slogan inserts like “98% of customers satisfied” and “5 stars on Trustpilot” always have an impact!

5.    Create premium contents 

Do you have a prospect who is about to sign a big contract for a pool house but is still hesitating? Now is the moment to pull out all the stops by highlighting a similar customer case which will reassure your prospect about your ability and allow him (or her) to identify with that project. If you got a particularly benevolent reference from one of your current customers, ask to interview him (or her) to emphasize several key elements, for example:

  • what your customer initially wanted;
  • why he (or she) chose you and not one of your competitors;
  • how your solution was implemented;
  • how the project worked out.

It is more than likely that this experience feedback will resolve all your prospect’s doubts! 

High customer satisfaction builds customer loyalty. By using your existing customer reviews actively, you will make new ones! Even the smallest companies need high customer satisfaction ratings to grow. Thanks to the ideas in these articles, you know how to build your business using these invaluable opinions. Now it’s up to you!

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