Why communicate with your customers with video marketing

Guillaume Dossin led a webinar on Piscine Connect 2021 about effectiveness of video marketing for pool and spa professionnals.

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The digital pool and spa event Piscine Connect 2021 taught us a lot - yet again! Between product presentations and market outlines, sector professionals could all benefit from expert advice on how to improve their marketing strategies. Did you miss the webinar “Uses and measurements of effectiveness of videos in digital communications” led by Guillaume Dossin, digital consultant at Eurospapoolnews? The basic points are listed below.

Video statistics which will make you dizzy

The phenomenon of videos on the Web is like a ground swell which influences both the general public and professionals alike. During the 30 minutes the webinar lasted, Guillaume Dossin estimated that, on YouTube:

  • 162 million videos will be watched; 
  • 15,000 hours of video will be uploaded;
  • 168,750 25 to 49-year-old surfers will use the platform.

The consumption of these media is such that 78% of 13-18 year-olds, future pool and spa consumers, consult online videos while only 39% of them watch television. A practice which will change consumer behavior in the coming future.

On the Web, video is omnipresent and multiform

YouTube is the most popular platform, closely followed by social networks Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. And remember there is a “dark social network” of private videos shared on mail services like WhatsApp or Snapchat. Videos come in several formats, each having its own uses:

  • long formats are ideal for passing on information and explanations (for example a tutorial on how to use a heat pump or a video presenting a pool house)
  • direct videos - 9% of all videos produced - are best for promoting live events to your customers (product launches, shows), proposing question and answer sessions and a host of other possibilities.
  • short formats like Instagram Reels or Stories, generate more commitment and curiosity.

Note that the short format, spearhead of the Snackable Content trend, is growing very fast: the average time you catch a surfer’s attention has fallen to 7 seconds!

When a pool company adopts a video marketing strategy, it must anticipate each video’s duration and horizontal and vertical format and make sure the film-maker understands the challenge.

How to use social media as a pool professional, step by step

Current customers, prospects and personnel: everyone reaps the benefits

Videos are not reserved for “young people”. Another section of the population is also concerned: the over-fifties who use YouTube as much as Facebook. As for 35 to 49-year-olds buying a pool or a spa for the first time, Web videos have already overtaken TV ads for which audience attention time has been divided by four in recent years. The Web has become the norm to the extent that it has modified customer behavior patterns in depth, convincing consumers to look for and trust customer comments even before contacting you.

But video marketing also concerns professionals. On LinkedIn, publications containing videos are seen more and excite more comments. These media are very popular in vocational training, for example to train sales personnel or for Piscine Connect webinars

Media dealing with important issues for pool professionals 

Videos provide an alternative communicating method. But as Guillaume Dossin explained, their advantages go much further.

Video marketing optimizes your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One third of the searches carried out on Google now concerns videos and images. Publishing media which meet your customers’ needs multiply your chances to be seen. On the social networks, publications including videos are favored by algorithms!

The key steps for creating a top-ranked pool seller website

One marketing video is worth a thousand pictures

And one picture is worth a thousand words. So this basically means you can say much more in a video than in a product brochure. “Seen on Instagram” is also the new version of “Seen on TV”!

Video marketing reduces your customer service budget 

Do your customers contact you regularly to find out how to winter their pool? Or to find out how to repair their state-of-the-art home automation system? Have you ever counted how much time you spend answering the same questions? A well-crafted video, which shows the steps to follow to carry out simple gestures enable you to focus your time on more complex requests for which you have real added-value as pool experts.

In fact, consumers today appreciate being able to do things by themselves using a video support to guide them, step by step.

We are sure you’re convinced by the power of video marketing! Coming shortly: the key elements you need to design your own video marketing strategy.

© Photo credit: Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock

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