10 New Year resolutions for pool professionals

Boosting your business, getting up to speed with regulations, preparing for your next pool trade fair... Find useful resolutions for 2022!

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End of year vacations often generate ideas for new personal and professional projects. Whether these concern boosting your business, getting up to speed with regulations or preparing for your next pool trade fair, we are sure you will find useful resolutions for 2022 in the list below!


1. Learn a new skill

Why not learn something new for 2022? Over and above your undoubted talents in pools and spas, why not develop your “soft skills”, structure your human resources and improve your sales techniques?

Find short training courses online

2. Do up your pool store

Do you know how to highlight the goods you sell to make them more attractive to your customers? Do you know how to design your store or pool showroom layout to encourage your customers to buy? Retail Director Flora Huguet summarizes some useful methods in a Piscine Global Europe conference.

How to highlight your pool and spa products

3. Create an effective website

Most of your customers check you out online before contacting you. To build sales, you have to be visible on the web! As 67% of clicks are made on the first 5 Google search results, you need to be well ranked in the search engines!

Key steps to create a top-ranked website

4. Make a video film to promote your pool business

Because of lack of means, time or ideas, you may have put off including a video film in your advertising and promotion spend. But videos in all shapes and sizes are everywhere now - and appeal to your target groups! So use 2022 to make your own to show how your business proposes to meet the vital challenges facing pool professionals.

Why use video marketing?

5. Boost your presence on the social networks

You may already have created a page on Facebook or LinkedIn but feel that there’s nobody out there! Maybe you are hesitating to adopt “Social Media” for your marketing. Checking out the summary of the conference by Valentine Blanchot at Piscine Global Europe could help you make up your mind.

How to communicate on the social networks

6. Optimize your customer satisfaction 

Ask any company if its customers are satisfied, the reply will always be “yes”. But have you thought about measuring the degree of satisfaction with precision? To capture and keep customers, you need to know exactly what they think of you… and learn how to capitalize on positive opinions!

Follow our guide in 3 articles 

7. Learn about pool waste recycling 

The French anti-waste law aiming to develop a circular economy involves everyone in waste processing. In 2022, all pool and spa professionals have to adopt efficient recycling! The FPP has published a guide to help you fulfill this good resolution, make the circular economy happen and help the planet.

What you need to do with your pool waste

8. Build small to grow big

Cheaper, more compact, and increasingly better equipped – home owners, hotels looking for top-of-the-range services and health professionals are all attracted by plunge (mini)-pools. A great way to boost your sales!

Plunge mini-pools for maximum pleasure 

9. Include home automation in your pool business

“Smart” pools are not only a service you provide your customers: you can also get a host of benefits to help you in running your business! If you have not yet included this trend in your services, here are some good reasons to convince you.

The ABC of “smart” pools for professionals

10. Go to Piscine Global Europe 2022!

If you are looking for one place to get an overview of the pool and spa market, meet new business partners and potential customers, Piscine Global Europe 2022 is the place to go! 
Do you have doubts about where your business is going and want to discuss the future with pool experts? Piscine Global Europe 2022, THE reference trade show for the sector, is a “must”!

Check out Piscine Global Europe

Did any of the resolutions outlined above inspire you? Get more details about current events and help in keeping these good resolutions all year long on our social networks.

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