5 good reasons to take part in Piscine Connect, the sector’s new digital event

As a complement to Piscine Global Europe, this digital event focuses on new pool and spa products and innovations. See you in October, 2021!

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From 13 to 14 October, 2021, the pool and spa sector will meet up at an all-digital event - Piscine Connect. As a complement to the physical Piscine Global Europe trade show, this digital event focuses on new pool and spa products and innovations at a key moment in suppliers’ calendars. We know you are always looking for opportunities to grow your business: here are 5 good reasons to meet the Piscine Connect exhibitors!

1. Preview pool and spa innovations

In a rapidly changing market, it is essential to stay competitive by satisfying your customers’ demands. Nothing could do that better than having all the latest pool and spa products and innovations at your fingertips!

Stand out from your competitors by adopting the latest pool products presented on our digital platform!

2. Attend webinars led by the sector’s experts

Pool and spa experts constantly suggest solutions in phase with market challenges. Between presentations of the latest pool and spa innovations and conferences on sector trends, interactive webinars organized via the Piscine Connect web platform will help you build your business. Check out the program soon!

Ask all your questions and discover how to make the most of new pool products in your activity. And run through it all again with the replay feature!

3. Personalized business meetings

Do you have problems you can’t fix? Do you want to find out more about a pool or spa innovation shown on the platform? Make rapid contact with the person in the community of professionals who knows what’s what.

Develop your business and extend your network easily and effectively with our remote business appointment video conferencing platform.

4. Consolidate your professional network

Piscine Global Europe is very well known all over the world and Piscine Connect brings together international pool and spa professionals from top market suppliers to visionary start-ups. 

With our digital networking solution, including functions like autosuggestion of profiles which correspond to your needs and a chat, source new suppliers effectively and quickly – free of charge. Make appointments with everyone in the pool and spa community, both Piscine Connect exhibitors and visitors in businesses related to yours!

5. Develop your opportunities without leaving your office

We know you are always busy and that it can sometimes be difficult to find time to discover new partners an innovative solutions to your problems.

By taking part in Piscine Connect, you can carry on your business and develop new opportunities in the time slots you choose. Send in your profile and set up appointments with the pool and spa sector professionals who interest you!

From your office or the comfort of your home, between two meetings or when you have a quiet half-day, use your computer to connect to a digital event at which everything has been done to make life simple. Don’t delay, send in your registration form today!

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From 15th to 18th November 2022, come to the physical event Piscine Global Europe at Lyon - Eurexpo too!

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