5 ways to boost your contacts and sales at Piscine Global Europe

Attract the highest possible number of qualified prospects to maximize the return on your investment on the show.

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You have completed all the different steps to prepare for your presence at Piscine Global Europe. Now, your main task will be to attract the highest possible number of qualified prospects to maximize the return on your investment. To help you, Piscine Global Europe proposes a wide range of options. There is sure to be one (or several) which meet your needs and your budget!


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1. Optimize your data collection

Who has never mislaid an important calling card after a trade show, or spent hours on an Excel file to harmonize hundreds of contact lines collected from different sources? With Piscine Global Europe, you get access to our new digital platform for networking and find all your contacts in the same place. 

With our badge reader, you can immediately scan the badges of all the visitors to your stand and collect their ready-to-use coordinates. An important timesaver, particularly if several members of your sales force collect contacts at the pool fair!

Deadline for reader orders: November 1, 2022

2. Highlight your pool innovations and top products

Have you just launched a revolutionary pool product or do you have a product which is selling well and on which you want to focus? The Pool Showcase spotlights them in a zone dedicated to all the best swimming pool products on the market. Make the most of a complete product promotion campaign before, during and after Piscine Global Europe to boost your sales!

Deadline for reader orders: September 25, 2022

3. Share your expertise in a conference

There is no better way to demonstrate your expertise and to show your solutions than to talk to an expert audience. This is why we have organized the Pool Arena, a modern and innovative platform on which you can talk to fair participants about anything you want to. We can help you prepare your talk to dazzle the International Trade Press – and your prospects!

Deadline for reader orders: September 25, 2022

4. Boost visits to your stand

Do you want to increase your visibility and recognition? Send a message to the visitors of the trade show? Promote events taking place on your stand? Your ad/or your logo can be displayed on all the different trade show media including:

  • Banner ad on our digital platform home page
  • Banner ad on the Piscine Connect e-mailing shots
  • Banner ad on the visitor e-mailing shots
  • Banner ad and pop-up on our website
  • Logo on the Exhibitors list
  • Logo on the trade show layout plan

Contact our sales team to get a customized proposal!

Deadline for reader orders: Autumn 2022 (subject to availability)

5. Develop your corporate image

To stand out from your competitors and position your business as a major market player, choose sponsoring! Profit from powerful, high-impact customized communications for optimal visibility. The 5 different sponsoring programs available are:

  • New: User-Friendliness Sponsoring 
  • Platinum Sponsoring 
  • Gold Sponsoring 
  • Silver Sponsoring 
  • Bronze Sponsoring 

Each level comprises your logo on the Sponsors Wall at the show entrance, on the plans, on the press kit, publication on the social networks and many other benefits. These are listed in your customer area. Pick the heading “Communications”, then “Become a sponsor of the event”.

Deadline for reader orders: September 2022

Order these options in your customer area

We know how important it is to boost your visibility to make your investment in a stand pay off. To attract Piscine Global Europe visitors, your stand needs to be designed with care! Our dedicated service will reveal its secrets next month.

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