Trade show checklist: 4 steps exhibitors should take to prepare for Piscine Global Europe

Are you an exhibitor at Piscine Global Europe? To make sure you have a successful trade show, follow our guidelines.

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When you are getting ready to exhibit at a trade show, time flies by much more quickly than you think! To make sure you have a successful Piscine Global Europe 2022, follow our guidelines.


1. Plan the installation of your stand 

Do you know your stand’s assembly and dismantling dates? Check them out in your client space and download the assembly and dismantling access pass before the trade show.

Because a well-organized stand reflecting your corporate image is the key to success in attracting visitors, prepare the design of your customized stand with our dedicated service or choose a stand installation service. You can already order the technical services for your stand - water, electricity and Internet - directly from Eurexpo.

Attention, partitions between neighboring stands must be ordered in advance. Go to your client space to see all the services available.

2. Prepare your advertising, promotions and communications beforehand 

Did you know that the most visited Piscine Global Europe webpage is the exhibitors and brands list? So to maximize your visibility, it is vital to fill out as completely as possible your exhibitor datasheet in the heading “My exhibitor details” in your client space.

So they can find you easily, tell your customers and prospects that you will be at the show as soon as possible. Piscine Global Europe provides a communication kit including customizable labels, banners, E-invitation links and paper invitations. All these tools are included in the online & onsite visibility services package.

Piscine Global Europe gives you access to a digital platform for professional contacts via the Piscine Connect application. The best way to prepare the event is networking before the show.

Last but not least, prepare your press kit in such a way as to catch the eye of the journalists and leave it in the show press center. Need a hand? Check out our article on how to create your press kit! And as knowing how to sell yourself — and your goods and services — in a few seconds to a journalist or a prospect, creating a good pitch is essential. That is the subject of this article.

In October 2022, attend our webinar to discover all the functionalities of the Piscine Connect app and how to communicate with your audience effectively.

3. Ensure you complete all the administrative formalities

There are a host of formalities involved in preparing for a trade show. Make sure to follow this checklist:

  • Sending back the security note
  • Getting certification for your stand before September 19th (for unequipped and modified equipped stands)
  • Obtaining authorizations for:
    • live equipment on the stand;
    • use of fuel on the stand
    • stands with upper storeys;
    • full ceilings and awnings.
  • Insuring the goods on your stand (our policy is capped at 5,000€) by completing the inventory provided by the show and/or subscribing to a complementary policy above this sum.

Do you envisage staging an event on your stand? Check it strictly respects show security and timing rules and regulations by declaring it as soon as possible.

4. Involve all your teams in your trade show’s success 

Exhibiting at a show is a corporate project involving every employee. To ensure you get a good return on your investment, involve the best teams in the planning and organization. Define your participation objectives together. How many new prospective customers do you want to get? What are the products to highlight? Which branch of your business do you want to develop?

Days pass quickly at the show and the rhythm is unrelenting. To maximize efficiency, distribute the roles and tasks to be accomplished between the collaborators present: 


  • talks to such and such a target group?
  • stages demonstrations?
  • presents such and such a product?
  • talks to visitors from abroad?

Included in your registration fee Piscine Global Europe’s networking platform puts you in touch with all the visitors and lets you collect and record their personal details via the (optional) badge reader. With your team, define the way in which you collect these data, how you will exploit them and how you will distribute the professional meetings set up at the show.

In addition to these guidelines, other optional services provided by Piscine Global Europe can largely facilitate the preparation of your trade show and maximize its success. We will tell you about them soon!

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