New personalized wellness programs to fight long Covid

Specialized establishments throughout Europe are highlighting their unique expertise and deploying post-Covid-19 cures.

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According to WHO, one in ten people experience residual symptoms for more than three months after becoming infected with Covid-19, which can severely impair their quality of life. Already used to coping with some long-term ailments, thermalism, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy sectors throughout Europe are highlighting their unique expertise in the subject and deploying post-Covid-19 cures.


A new mission: relieving long Covid symptoms

Currently, there are more than a dozen prolonged Covid-19 symptoms. The most common is persistent fatigue. To fight asthenia, cold therapies can be beneficial, for example the Kneipp method which consists in taking cold and even ice water baths and cryotherapy – a real shock to the body!

Do you want to know more about cold therapy?

Equally debilitating, post-Covid-19 respiratory diseases can benefit from programs designed to treat chronic respiratory diseases like asthma. Inhalations, nasal baths, salt caves and massages can be effective on patients in remission.

To relieve joint pain and lack of muscle vigor, specialist spas direct their users to mud baths or carbonated baths. And for anxiety and psychosomatic disorders, the sector already has plenty of solutions for optimizing support for long Covid patients. Hot baths, massages and thermal showers are all ways to relax muscles and lower anxiety levels.

Long Covid programs: a new and easily accessible market

Whatever the symptoms, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, thermalism and spa establishments already have valuable expertise to attract the attention of those affected and the facilities necessary to ease their symptoms. There is no need to invest in expensive equipment to seize this opportunity. Basically, all you need to do is to review existing programs and change the way you market your capabilities to your target group.

Covid-19 rules and regulations in spas: how is the wellness sector coping?

European Tour of innovative post-Covid-19 cures 

In France, the Thermes de Saujon, already experts in anxiety disorder management, inaugurated in June 2021 two three-week courses dedicated to post-Covid-19, combining a psychoeducational program with a conventional thermal cure. The treatment focused on pandemic-related trauma and a second on prolonged Covid-19 symptoms.
For a breath of fresh air, head to Poland and the Wieliczka Health Resort, located at a depth of 135 meters in a salt mine. For a few days or up to three weeks, participants can benefit from a program centered on halotherapy. The aim is to improve fatigue symptoms, low energy, mood disorders and respiratory problems.

Slovakia implemented a three-week national health insurance program – a first in Europe – to relieve long Covid sufferers! Spas are selected to treat the dominant residual symptom to make the most of the expertise available in the many spas all over the country.

People have not finished talking about treating long Covid in specialized centers and the subject has even be discussed in a virtual forum hosted by the European Spas Association in December 2020. A hot topic, which spas wanting to adapt to meet current demand should follow closely.

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