Product demonstration in real-life situations at Piscine Global Europe 2016 made a big splash !

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It was an event all the exhibitors and visitors had been eagerly awaiting! The Piscine exhibition only ended a few weeks ago and we are already in December! It is high time we looked back on the various events that took place, including the product demonstrations performed in real-life situations.

The Piscine Water Tests and the Aquafitness Festival: two different areas for two events where visitors had opportunities to discover new products in real life conditions. What better way to test and assess the quality of a product?

The Piscine Water Tests: Endless Pools, Procopi and Zodiac took the plunge

Throughout the four-day exhibition, visitors were able to meet representatives from Endless Pools, Procopi and Zodiac, the three exhibitors participating in the Piscine Water Tests. Each company presented its new products to visitors through workshops using pools designed especially for this purpose.

In this way, Endless Pools presented three products:

  • "Performance"
  • “SwimFit” pools,
  • “Fastlane” counter-current turbine.

Procopi organised 4 workshops featuring:

  • A benchmark test to compare its “Eurostar HF” and “Eurostar II” pumps,
  • A benchmark test concerning heat pumps,
  • A benchmark test concerning the hydraulic optimisation of filtration groups,
  • A presentation of its “Vanquish” integrated cleaning system

Lastly, Zodiac, also presented five products:

  • Electric cleaner robots,
  • FloPro VS,
  • Filtration pump,
  • Z700 Duo,
  • Heat pump.

Find out more about the Piscine Water Tests


The Aquafitness Festival: live demonstrations of sports products at the heart of the exhibition

Imagine a big pool placed at the heart of an exhibition hall, where live demonstrations of fitness products are performed with the assistance of a fitness instructor before an audience of visitors. Can you imagine that? Well Piscine Global Europe did just that – in style! Launched in 2012, this event made its return this year for the new edition of the exhibition, to the delight of all our visitors as well as the exhibitors who participated in the Festival.
Cardi’eau / Waterflex and Waterform staged various events to present their fitness products.

Round-up of the 2016 edition

2016 pictures

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