D-30: Registration opening for Pool Design Gallery

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The Piscine Global network supports and encourages the design and architecture of exceptional swimming pools.
The Pool Design Gallery (formerly known as Pool Vision) competition was created with the aim of highlighting the creativity and technical skills of architects through the techniques of construction, water treatment, accessories, liner, aesthetic features ...


Opening of applications from 10/15/17 to 05/15/18 

For this new edition that opens in a month, the contest is renewed with a new name while keeping the quality spirit of the selected projects. Thus, only projects dating from less than 5 years will be accepted and the competition excludes natural swimming pools.

The rewarded categories remain the same

  • The most beautiful residential swimming pool
  • The most beautiful swimming pool for tourism and leisure
  • The most beautiful public swimming pool (municipal)
  • The most beautiful renovated swimming pool
  • The most innovative swimming pool

Who select projects?

The international jury is composed of 8 professionals: journalists, architects, members of professional swimming pool federations.
Why participate?


Benefit from concrete benefits at our shows:

  • Presentation of the Trophies at a network fair
  • Exhibition of photos of winning projects at a network fair
  • Participation in a conference or roundtable with other experts
  • Presentation of your project on a dedicated page of the website of the network

Throughout the year, have our complete digital communication system!

Will you be the next to inspire the profession?

Remember the 2016 winning projects

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