TOP 5 of the best videos from our YouTube channel in 2017

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Little retrospective from 2017 accross the best videos from our YouTube channel. Enjoy !

1.      Pool Innovations – Piscine Global Europe 2016

In first position, a video that put innovation in the centre of Piscine Global Europe. This exhibition is a way for every pool professionnals to launch a new product but also to promote it.

2.      Pool and Wellness : an increasing tendancy

Many exhibitors talked about the wellness importance in the pool industry during Piscine Global Europe 2016. Here is the video :

3.      The Piscine Global brand

With this video, discover the objectives and all the advantages for the pool professionnals to participate at the Piscine Global Europe show.

4.      Piscine Global Europe 2016 : official video

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the official video of Piscine Global Europe 2016.

5.      Interview of Sandrine Gueho, Waterform, during Piscine Global Europe 2016

The last video is an interview of Sandrine Gueho, in charge of France and international development at Waterform. She presents us her company but also talks about the aquafitness market.


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