Design pool : a new concern for the swimming pool designer ?

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The swimming pool is now a main component of the house and the garden. Considered as way of life, the designed pool is modern with a nice esthetic. For the swimming pool designer, it's not the only concern, the public pool has to be adapted in every angles to give the best experience to the users. Discover our selection of articles dedicated to design pool.

Come to dream trough a selection of design pool that melt perfectly in their space.

Discover the selection

In this article, you will discover 8 exceptional pools with impressing caracteristics : shapes, swimming area, relaxing area...

The design in pictures

A world trip thanks to 100 pictures of pools.

Dive into this selection

As you may have understood, the architects don't stop to surprise us with incredible creations.

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Are you an architect that wants to promote his project of swimming pool ?


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