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Ezarri has tiled the pool at an exquisitely boutique French hotel. Ezarri's ability to adapt to any project specification or design truly stands out yet again. After all, we've left our mark in pools at villas and hotels as far and wide as on the beaches of Dubai, in the Caribbean or on France's Arcachon Bay.   

Here, a family feel reigns at the charming Hôtel Ville d'Hiver Arcachon. Opened in 2009, the hotel is a favourite for people seeking the comfort and cosiness of home. Located in Arcachon, in the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine, this seaside resort area in south-west France is famous for its oysters. Curiously, the region's four districts are named after the seasons of the year: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

In the 19th century, the building was a water storage facility serving the whole of Arcachon, and was later converted into this beautiful hotel. Guests step into a hotel brimming with history built in the Ville d'Hiver, or winter district, home to writers, painters and artists.

Tiled pool in the former water storage facility

The tiled pool sits in the 19th-century water tank located beneath the ground level in an open-air courtyard completely sheltered from onlookers, noise and wind.  

Guests can relax around the pool in traditional "strandkorbs", hooded wicker chairs commonly found in seaside resorts in northern Europe.

Ezarri used Ébano tiles from the Iris Collection for this secluded pool. Ebano is an iridescent black mosaic tile, particularly suitable for swimming pools, interiors, spas, and saunas, which provides a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. A treat for the senses.

The iridescent black tone lends a refreshing deep colour that fits perfectly with its original the water tank design. 


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