27-03-2023 Innovations

Innovation rekindles the pleasure of waterslides in waterparks

Discover some recent waterslide innovations that can’t fail to interest leisure establishments—and their clients.

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The drawing power of waterslides is such that no waterpark worth its salt can do without them! These installations, prized by lovers of all genres of skim & slide sports, don’t escape the rampant innovation that’s currently the hallmark of the swimming pool and health spa sector. Here are some recent waterslide innovations that can’t fail to interest leisure establishments—and their clients.

Waterslides are more competitive than ever

Course set for Rulantica, the famous Europa Park waterpark, to discover Europe’s largest speed slide course. With eight racing slides, the Vikingløp has since February, 2023 offered hair-raising slides along a length of 187 meters and a height of 24 meters.

Designed by Canadian waterslide designer-builder ProSlide, this Rally Racer-type waterslide comprises two arrays of four mat-racer waterslides. The Vikingløp comes with a stopwatch to foster the competitive spirit between users. Dovetailed into a six-story tower, this high-speed waterslide fits into the whole in the purest Scandinavian style known as Nordiskturn, reinforcing the already impressive storytelling of Rulantica. The area also boasts, among its other features, 400 deck chairs and two catering facilities. Enough there to celebrate one’s victory—or maybe to help get over a defeat!

Out with uniform colors, in with custom patterns!

It's quite a display of technical prowess by the Edsun and Polin Waterparks companies at the end of 2022. Their “Utexture” process, using VARTM technology (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding), can print any pattern on the slideways without any impact on the gloss finish indoors or out, nor on the chlorine and UV resistance.

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This innovation opens the way to advanced customization for waterparks and theme parks, who will appreciate this distinguishing feature that adds more impact to their storytelling. From tropical forest to ocean depths, the only remaining limit is the imagination of waterpark designers!

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Make way for virtual reality sliding

In roller coasters, the virtual reality challenge was that of offering an experience in total synchronization with the car movements to avoid the notorious motion sickness. In waterslides, two new constraints complicate matters: the presence of water and bodies that slide much more freely along the course. The sector wasn’t going to let those difficulties sand in its way: we take you to “Galaxy Erding” in Europe’s largest array of waterslides to discover its Space Glider.

This waterslide offers a gripping immersive experience in a 160-metre course, embarking the user on a virtual trip through tropical jungle and outer space, even flying over an imaginary world. A dynamic experience that heightens sliding pleasure and makes the customer want to return! This VRSlide® innovation brought together waterpark VR specialist Ballast, who developed the point SplashSync sensors system, the builder Wiegand Waterrides, and Samsung.

These innovations renovate the waterslide customer experience and help develop waterpark takings by securing customer loyalty with a big step up in attraction. To help you stand out even more, consult our six ideas for you to incorporate in your waterpark!

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