11-09-2023 Innovations

Pimp your public pool with innovative above-pool gyms

Why not use the free space above public pools as gyms? Discover NinjaPool, a great way to extend the swimming experience without building work.

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Why not use the free space above public pools as gyms? This clever idea, inspired by the Ninja Warrior TV program, is now available to pools in hotels, camping and caravanning sites and water parks from the Israeli company NinjaPool. Above-pool gym is a great way to extend the swimming experience for an afternoon or a whole season, without building work.

Sport and fun in redesigned public pools

Tourism was back this summer 2023 with a vengeance, boosted by post-Covid freedom to travel. Given high temperatures, holiday places with pools are more than ever in competition and must be reinvented to attract new customers… before they prefer a neighbor.

Above-pool gyms from NinjaPools are of particular interest to hotels, as, temporary and easy to install, they propose a new experience to holiday makers of all ages.

They also mean that public pools can easily deploy new activities and increase admissions without having to modify the architecture of the pool, nor invest in costly gym equipment. This concept is also behind innovation Pool-On which transforms pool floors into screens on which swimmers can follow fishes, for example.

This water playground brings Ninja gym to the public

The man behind this curious invention is Barak Tzur, an Israeli sporting coach often seen on TV fitness programs. Since 2003 he has been creating obstacle races in the spirit of the program Ninja Warrior, very popular in the United States, the United Kingdom and, of course, Japan (where the concept originated). Many countries are now building “Ninja Gyms” including Israel, Germany and France.

With the pandemic and the sudden halt to sporting events, Barak Tzur invented NinjaPools to enable gyms in private pools, before targeting public pools when they reopened.

He imagined using the free space above pools for gyms and benefitting from the reassuring presence of water to soften falls! Brilliant!

Pools become modular, multi-use, fitness centers

Thanks to its clever aluminum design, NinjaPool provides a turn-key solution bringing a sporting and fun dimension to all pools over 12sq.m. No construction work is needed to install the structure which can be removed as often as necessary, and the range of gym equipment available is particularly daring:

  • tackle;
  • suspension straps;
  • yoga hammocks;
  • wheelies;
  • and rocking chairs to relax in!

Ninja above-pool gyms can be used by children to have fun and get a bit of exercise and by adults who can enjoy the pleasure of the fitness sessions up in the air.

What equipment do you need to supply to sell sports pools?

By finding new uses for swimming pools and transforming them into water playgrounds, NinjaPool encourages people to practice a sport and have fun, without needing to modify pool structures. A clever solution, which completely mirrors the current need to reinvent pools.

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