Poolstar: a DNA steeped in innovation from the onset

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From its beginnings, Poolstar has strived to create innovative products that are accessible from the buyer’s and the user’s point of view. For this, the company's R&D department keeps a close watch on technology and develops tomorrow's products that offer real added value.

At the dawn of its 17th year of existence, Poolstar asserts itself through 10 brands that create high-performance design products in three important universes, meeting consumer needs as well as current economic and environmental challenges - swimming pool and garden, well-being and water sports.

By constantly strengthening its partnerships throughout Europe, the company is consolidating its footprint in international markets, from which it generates more than 30% of its revenues.

Because a Poolstar product is more than just an object!
Poolstar also wants to champion the professional, yet personal approach to service that defines the entire life of a company around its commercial actions. The company has put in place a number of tools to service its partners, including a completely redesigned support service. Poolstar has doubled the number of staff in its after-sales service team to manage its new telephone centre. Thanks to a better distribution of calls, technicians have answered 90% of calls directly and offer a "call-back" option, resolving 100% of all support requests. No fewer than 20,000 files are handled annually within an average of 7 days.

  • Video-Assistance

Implemented a few months ago, hands-on troubleshooting thanks to video-assistance has allowed 90% of technical problems to be resolved from the first call. Simple, fast and efficient, and requiring no particular application, the professional is connected by video to Poolstar technical service at a simple call from a mobile phone. He/She can then communicate in image.

  • Chat Bot

A virtual assistant is now available when visiting the service section on Poolstar website and will answer end users on their technical questions. With this service, the company aims to provide assistance to some 70% of visitors.

  • Training

For the benefit of the buyer and the optimal use of its products, starting 2023, Poolstar will offer its BtoB partners a selection of training courses, ensuring an exchange of knowledge in the field.

For 2023, Poolstar partners can expect new products that will enable them to meet changing market trends.

First of all, the Poolican, a product that the R&D engineers have been working on for almost 12 months. An intuitive equipment that combines the four essential functions for a healthy and comfortable pool - a circulation pump, a cartridge filtration system, a salt electrolyser and a heat pump - with a Plug & Play system and Wi-Fi functionality for remote management from a mobile phone.

An electrolyser that is more compact than ever with the great novelty of integrating its control box at the level of the cell itself.

The E-Motion from Coasto, an inflatable stand-up paddle equipped with a secure electrical system to make the pleasure of gliding accessible to all.

And finally, a spa heat pump that combines all the technologies of a large pool heat pump in a small casing that takes the shape of steps to access the spa. Out of sight, but close to the user's comfort and relaxation!

Major expansion work was launched in 2021 to accommodate the company’s growing team and continue to carry out its projects. Poolstar now counts some 20,000 m² of warehouse space, over 1,000 m² of office space, 23 loading bays and two showrooms.

The company's primary objective is 100% customer satisfaction. The Poolstar difference is not only in its products but also in its service.



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