In-situ chlorine production Employee safety and cost optimization in public and commercial pools

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Why use a salt chlorinator for public pools ? 


We oftenmeet with local authorities or private establishments who inform us of two main problems:

  1. The handling and storage of chemicals, including chlorine-based products, which endanger the technical agents on site.
  2. The supply of chlorine is becoming more and more difficult.

However, chlorine-based disinfectants are still essential for the effective treatment of pool water... This is why SYCLOPE's in-situ chlorine generators make sense.



How does it work ?

SYCLOPE in-situ chlorine generators ensure the on-site production of liquid chlorine by salt electrolysis. This makes it possible to disinfect swimming pools with chlorine in a way that is still of the same high quality but avoids any handling of dangerous chemicals.

As a reminder, a salt electrolyser, chlorine generator or also called in-situ sodium hypochlorite generator, transforms the salt contained in a brine into chlorine by the physical phenomenon of electrolysis. This makes it possible to disinfect swimmings pools with chlorine in a way that is still of the same high quality but avoids any handling of dangerous chemicals.

This process is totally different from the salt electrolysis used in private pools. In the latter case, the salt is electrolyzed directly into the pool water, unlike the process for collective pools where the sodium hypochlorite produced is stored in an independent tank and then injected into the pool.

What are the mains benefits ? 

  1. SAFETY : The in-situ chlorine generators allow the protection of the staff on site by stopping the delivery and handling of dangerous chemicals used for water treatment. Each unit is equipped with H2 detector as standard. Furthermore, the operation of the equipment is guaranteed without any hydrogen and chlorine vapor emissions.
  2. QUALITY : The concentration of the solution is constant which ensures a reliable chlorinated product. there is no clogging on the injection points. Finally, the installation and the use of these systems are very simple (Plug & Play system) and the maintenance is at low frequency.
  3. COST EFFECTIVENESS : SYCLOPE in-situ chlorine generators also guarantee lower operating costs. In fact, this system offers various possibilities for cost reduction. First of all, simply because the bags of salt purchased for the production of chlorine are much cheaper than the various chlorine-based products on the market. in addition, the salt can be stored in larger quantities, which limits the cost of deliveries and optimizes supply costs. Finally, because the chlorine solution produced by the chlorine generator has a pH between 8.5 and 9, compared to a majority of other chlorine-based solutions which have a higher pH. Thus, at the point of injection of the chlorine, the pH increases less and this leads to a lower consumption of acid. As a reminder, 3 kg of salt is equivalent to 1 kg of pure chlorine (equivalent to chlorine gas).
  4. OPTIMIZED CARBON BALANCE : Because the quantity of products consumed is reduced as well as the number of raw material deliveries.

SYCLOPE offers models from 30 to 2200 g/h that can be adapted to the technical constraints of each site: size of the technical areas, dimensions of the pools...


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