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10 pool and spa trends impacting the sector that you should be aware of

At Piscine Global Europe 2022, Nora Gherbi detailed the trends impacting the private and public pool and spa sector.

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Initially for sports, then for families and more recently designed for relaxation and wellbeing, swimming pools have changed as new trends appear. What is the future for private and public pools, spas and water centers? At Piscine Global Europe 2022, Nora Gherbi, founder of WHO CAREs!? Chronicles, detailed the trends impacting the sector.


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1. After Covid-19, public pool designs have evolved

If water centers are already extremely safe due to the high standards with which they have to comply (water treatment, ventilation, etc.), Covid-19 encouraged architects to reconsider traffic flows. Halls and corridors became wider, new sanitation systems were installed and entrances were automated to deliver admission tickets and bracelets.

2. Pools will become multipurpose

This trend will continue and private pools will have more and more functional features like countercurrent swimming and swimming spas to satisfy the whole family. Public pools will focus on profitability with the appearance of extra services like libraries and gyms, for example.

3. New behavior patterns as working hours become more flexible

As working-from-home becomes generalized, the border between work and leisure becomes less distinct. Working hours are adapted to individual needs. That makes individual sports more attractive, so it will be necessary to extend water center opening hours and take a fresh look at the activities proposed.

4. Making pools easier to use for everyone

Accessibility is given greater consideration in all new private and public pool projects. This concerns both mental and physical handicaps, but also the ageing of the population, a demographic trend which contributes to the popularity of water sports and swimming. Consequently, more and more pool managers are fitting mobile pool floors, adapting changing rooms and adopting new lighting plans.

5. The growing importance of water management

As water becomes a precious commodity, it is even more vital to manage this resource correctly. Over the last few years, the pool sectors have focused on significantly reducing water consumption through a host of innovations in filtration, water treatment, pool covers and shutters. It is now addressing wastewater recycling and rain water management.

6. Healthier, longer-lasting water centers

It is possible to do more with less! The sector has divided pool heating by 9 and water volume by 3 since 1980. Equipment life, carbon footprints and waste recycling will all be improved in the near future too.

7. Pools vector socialization

In a post-Covid context, as in Ancient times, bathing together is a social activity bringing people together after lockdowns. Baths are important, in particular for young people, and it is worth developing new in-water activities like watching films in a swimming pool and highlighting their social, teaching and therapeutic benefits. For private pools, the emphasis is on user-friendly equipment.

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8. Add digitalization to pool fun

Would you believe it? You can now track performances in swimming sessions with indicators projected in real time on the bottom of the pool – or use virtual reality while sliding down into the pool? These innovations already exist and public demand for new experiences is booming!

9. Keep your staff through vocational training

It is difficult to find qualified staff in the pool and spa sector: 82% of companies have recruitment problems so keeping the people you have is a major challenge. One solution is vocational training, particularly on environmental subjects and innovative technological solutions. It is essential to increase your teams’ skill levels and revalorize some jobs

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10. Make pool times family times

Families with children have always been the main public for water centers and this trend is growing. The best way to get kids into the water is through games, so proposing a wide choice is essential because the children of today are the adults of tomorrow. To attract customers in the future, you have to act today.

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