10-01-2023 Sustainable development

New environmental standard NF EN 17645 for private pools emerges in Europe

Since January 2023, a new standard for the environmental impact of swimming pools blends into the european manufacturers and distributors routine.

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Since January 2023, a new European standard for the environmental impact of swimming pools will little by little become routine for manufacturers and distributors. Initiated by the FPP – the Federation of Pool and spa Professionals environment commission, this eco-responsible, voluntary, standard called NF EN 17645 will become the benchmark in the near future. Pierre IORIO, quality engineer of the FPP, explained this innovation during Piscine Global Europe 2022.


The objective: to make private pools even more environmentally-friendly

This innovative project was initiated by the FPP in 2019 in conjunction with AFNOR and the European Standardization Committee. Its objective is to define a global environmental classification for the pool sector using pictograms to: 

  • guide increasingly more demanding consumers towards more eco-friendly equipment;
  • make the sector’s environmental approach more virtuous.

The pictograms will make it possible to identify the environmental performances of pool equipment and products using letters from A to F and provide an overall rating for every pool. The different elements scored are:

  • the basic equipment - the pool, water treatment system, lighting, filtration and cleaning
  • the cover and heat pump, which will be scored separately and their performances will not be included in the final mark.

Explanatory diagram presented by the FPP at the conference

Pool professionals apply the NF EN 17645 standard on a voluntary basis 

Published in August 2022, the standard will be introduced gradually, initially by pool and spa professionals on a voluntary basis, starting in January 2023. Manufacturers are invited to use this standard as a frame of reference as they improve their pool products and equipment.

Applicability will be rolled out in three phases:

  • Phase 1: manufacturers and distributors attribute their own environmental notation to their products and equipment.
  • Phase 2: the FPP will prepare a tool enabling the application of this standard in the field.
  • Phase 3: pool builder training so they can explain the pictograms to their customers

A guide to standard applicability is currently being developed by the FPP.

Why standards are important for yor business

This environmental standard NF EN 17645, already available on AFNOR website, will standardize environmental friendliness for pools throughout Europe to make them increasingly virtuous. 

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