Discover all three winners of the 2022 Pool Innovation Awards

Discover these innovations in the Pool Showcase area of Piscine Global Europe 2022 along with 71 other new products and features, 27 of them exclusive to the show.

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All the best innovations in the swimming pool and wellness sector are on show at Piscine Global Europe! The Pool Innovation Awards contest is back in force and its international panel of judges has already distinguished three outstanding products and services. Don’t miss them!

1st prize: ISI-SKIM by ABPool, the universal skimmer basket

Instead of keeping skimmer baskets with different diameters in stock, why not just sell a single reference that’s compatible with all skimmers and avoids product stock-outs? That was ABPool’s idea in offering a French-made basket that is tough, quick to fit, and doesn’t float in the skimmer. For buyers, it’s the certainty of always finding a basket to fit their skimmer at a reasonable price.

Technical characteristics of ISI-SKIM:

  • Minimum diameter 140mm
  • Maximum diameter 230mm
  • Height 150mm
  • 18.37 euros per 20-pack / 19.95 euros per 10-pack (excluding VAT/sales tax)

2nd prize: CHLOR’IN by Fluidra, the electrolyzer that stops you adding sacks of salt

Initially designed for industrial use, CHLOR’IN technology dives into the swimming pool with an enticing promise: the pleasure of bathing in pure water without constant maintenance and without damaging the environment. This treatment unit decomposes the salt molecules to produce natural gaseous chlorine. This gas is then captured by the water flow, avoiding any contact with salt. Its innovative process eliminates equipment salt corrosion. A smart control interface completes the system.

Technical characteristics of CHLOR'IN:

  • Four models (60,90,120,150m³)
  • Prices from 3,555 euros (excluding VAT/sales tax)

3rd prize: TRIKLO'LIVE by SYCLOPE Electronique for continuous measurement of airborne trichloramine

There’s a common problem many bathers are only too familiar with: too high a concentration of trichloramine in the air, causing eye, skin, and airway irritation. That’s why SYCLOPE decided to collaborate with the INRS, the French H&S institute, to develop a reliable, portable continuous measurement solution for mapping the problem areas.

Technical characteristics of TRIKLO'LIVE:

  • Fixed monitoring station or portable unit
  • Touchscreen display
  • 1 x 4–20 mA output (transfer) + 1 x RS485 Modbus RTU + 1 alarm dry contact
  • Wi-Fi connectivity via internal modem included
  • Price 4,500–5,000 euros(excluding VAT/sales tax)

You can find these prize-winning innovations in the Pool Showcase area of the Piscine Global Europe 2022 trade show along with 71 other new products and features, 27 of them exclusive to the show.

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